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Quality Procedures or QPs are detailed documents that cover specific areas of the company and how the systems and procedures are managed to ensure that high quality and efficiency is maintained. QPs are linked to specific sections of our Standards Module which can have unlimited standards such as ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 14385, API, ISO 14000 or any others. The QPs can be built to meet the requirements of any Standard. A list of Users and Company Positions who approve the document and the latest approval status is included. Creating new revisions is very simple, allowing editing of the draft revision in a controlled area unseen by most employees.  When a new revision is ready for approval, and is subsequently signed off by the document owners, an automatic workflow is triggered whereby the current revision becomes archived, the draft becomes the current revision and all required company Users are alerted to review the QP and any changes that may be applicable to them.

Never before has a QMS been so deeply yet simply integrated into an ERP system

Never before has a QMS been so deeply yet simply integrated into an ERP system, allowing the QMS to truly be used as a tool for continuous improvement in a very lightweight and low cost way.

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