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Yes, we really mean it. We eliminate paper job travelers and all related paperwork, and provide a digital, browser based record with ALL related real-information at the fingertips of anyone who needs it. From machinists and inspectors, to project managers, cost accountants, sales people and office managers.

Work Orders (WOs) offer complete documentation of all current and past jobs with just a few clicks. Find out up-to-the-minute status of all the jobs in your shop and link to information such as how many labor hours of time have been tracked, dollars spent out-of-pocket, how many parts are finished through what stage, where out-of-plant parts are at and when they will be back. Links to Part level visual work instructions are instantly accessible as are digital sign offs on every process step which will tell you exactly what date, time and User signed off on any step. Work Orders also have a configurable built-in check list system which can dramatically reduce errors, and speed up set-up times.
You can also link directly to records including First Article Inspection (FAIR), In-Process QC (IPQC), delivery records, raw material certs, BOM items, links to time tracking for all direct labor performed, complete historical profit and loss information and much more. Any NCRs generated during set-up or running of the WO will trigger instant alerts to leads and QA staff to offer support. The WO module in conjunction with the Purchasing, COTS and Inventory modules is the foundation of all the traceability tracking. Every component in a multi-level BOM, including all raw material and outside processing is 100% traceable and can be found with just a few mouse clicks. At Final Inspection, a single mouse click of the upper level assembly will collate and bring forward every related cert, and audit the FAI results, for preparing into the complete document package saving hours of time every day.

Ditch the Paper!

Paper job packets are costing you way more money than you’d ever expect. They are literally strangling your company from higher productivity, profitability and growth! By eliminating all paper from the shop floor, the free flow of information and productivity is unleashed – resulting in throughput improvements of 25% and more. Digital Work Orders are never out of date and can’t get lost. When customers change dates, quantities, revisions or more, everyone instantly knows this information, and it’s impossible to accidentally work on obsolete information.

Don’t forget about jobs at the bottom of a pile of paper travelers. Employees get instant notifications when work orders are created, so everyone can work concurrently off of live dashboards without having to be handed a paper packet. When this information is available, things are streamlined, more proactive, and wasted effort is dramatically reduced.

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Why are Paperless Work Orders so important?

Paper travelers are so 1990’s!! No seriously, paper work order travelers/routers take a ton of time to create, move around, they get lost, they can easily get out-of-date, employees need to go scan them to track time on a centrally located PC, leaving their machines idle, office staff need to go out on the shop floor to look for jobs and get status. If you need to split a job, it’s a monumental task. Need to change routings or machines? It’s a manual process to cross out things on the paper router and rewrite the new information. When the job is finished, someone needs to file (or misfile to never be found again) or scan the router. They make research very difficult, and audits take forever!

Many shops have a hard time imagining removing their paper travelers, but the benefits are too numerous to ignore. The paper is strangling your ability to perform. More and more shops are going paperless with ProShop, impressing their clients, realizing all the financial and operational benefits and loving the process. Paperless WOs eliminate 100% of the problems with paper WO routers and saves incredible amounts of cost associated with those problems, while supporting the traceability needs of industries like aerospace and medical very well.
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