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The Standards module is where all the requirements of the quality system are stored.  The standards module is configurable for ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 13485, American Petroleum Institute (API), ISO 14001 or any others.  Sections of these standards will be referenced by the QP and Tasks module as needed, making an audit trail extremely clear and straightforward for the auditors.  Our customers typically find that external audits of their companies are often accomplished in about half the time that is typically budgeted for companies of their size.  The typical response from external auditors include statements such as “The most robust QMS I have ever seen”, “so tightly integrated with the ERP system”, “The easiest system I have ever audited.”

“The easiest system I have ever audited.”

The Standards module is also where our powerful Requirements Fulfillment Locations (RLF) system is found. It allows you to directly link any requirement of any Standard right to the content in your QMS where you document how you meet that requirement.  An automatic back link is created within the destination document in ProShop so you can easily see what sections of any standard are being met by your QMS content. It is incredibly powerful and feature that makes auditing about 2x-3x faster.

If your auditors aren’t saying this about your system, contact us for a demo.

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