How to Scale a Job Shop for Growth with Fewer People

April 20, 2022

ProShop ERP was featured in a Modern Machine Shop Article about How to Scale a Job Shop for Growth with Fewer People.

April.1.2022 — Front office disorganization and poor shop floor communications don’t just reduce a job shop’s efficiency; they are a barrier to growth. Having the right kind of ERP system can be the key to improving profitability and scaling for future growth.

It’s the daily fire drill at a job shop. Just after your weekly organization meeting you get a hot job from an important customer. You get the CAD file to your estimator and hope he can get to it in the next day. Meanwhile, you’ve just guaranteed that two other jobs will be late, your overall shop utilization rate will fall unmeasurably, and you’ve angered several employees who are tired of dealing with changing priorities with incomplete information almost by the hour.

That’s just the price of juggling work in a job shop, right?

To read more about scaling a job shop for growth with fewer people, click here.

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