Free Force Machining Technology

January 29, 2022

Free Force Machining Technology Inc. was founded in 2007. They specialize in CNC machining of precision parts for today’s high technology industries. They are Small Part Specialists with a focus on parts less than 1.25″ (approx. 32mm) in diameter.  From prototypes to production runs They are your one course supplier.  Free Force is committed to Zero Defect Production.

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Episode 1: Getting Started

Hear about Free Force's experience of implementing ProShop in this podcast! In this first episode, you will hear about why they switched ERP systems and how things are going with ProShop.

Episode 2: Onboarding Employees

Hear how Heather has gotten creative with training the other employees at FreeForce this week, and how she's excited to make it easy to onboard new employees in the future.

Episode 3: Seeing Improvements

Heather and Paul discuss how ProShop has made it much easier to maintain material traceability, streamline accounting, improve their inventory, and a lot more.
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