Hibshman Screw Machine

October 26, 2022

A successful ERP implementation begins with a plan! Here at ProShop, we have a proven Implementation process backed by our team of experts. With an over 93% success rate, vs. the industry rate of 25%, we are transparent about our process and we put our cards on the table, to help companies understand how we have such a high success rate. Stay tuned for new episodes!

ABOUT HIBSHMAN: Hibshman Screw Machine Products, Inc. is a major screw machine products manufacturer and supplier in the Midwest area, supported by our most important assets; knowledgeable employees, courteous service and a host of satisfied customers. It is the goal of Hibshman Screw Machine Products, Inc. to provide total customer satisfaction by continuously improving our products, quality processes, and services.

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Episode 1

Watch the first episode in the series as we dive deep into what the Implementation process is like with one of our customers, Hibshman Screw Machine!

Episode 2

Watch the second episode in the series as Paul and Chad discuss work orders, the process of organizing their org chart and more.

Episode 3

Watch the third episode in the series as Paul and Chad discuss next steps for Hibshman Screw Machine.

Episode 04

Watch the fourth episode in the series as Chad discusses the training between his supervisors with work orders, process checks, time tracking and more.

Episode 05

Episode 06

With more machinists using ProShop each week, they are starting to look at what dashboards and queries they can use to know what to do, and make better decisions. Paul shows Chad some of the canned dashboards they can start to use.

Episode 07

Chad and Paul dig deeper into some more advanced queries, dashboards and reports what shop leads would need to see real-time what is happing on the shop floor. They discuss setting up TVs around the shop to provide Chad's team with up to the minute information, as well as what Chad would want to see as the owner of the shop.

Episode 08

Chad shares what he would have told himself if he could go back and advise himself at the beginning of an ERP implementation. Then Chad and Paul get into the topic of employee onboarding and training and share a template of how to manage that process in ProShop.

Episode 09

Chad and his team are starting to see impactful improvements and changes as they really get running on ProShop. Chad has seen a 13% improvement in on-time delivery in the past couple of months. They have also seen a reduction in front-end lead times from approximately 2 weeks to less than 24 hours in some cases. Chad also shares that a lead from the stamping department has shared that she loves seeing the targets and tracking time, which has led to reduced setup reduction times. These are the types of improvements that ProShop promises to deliver, so it’s great to see those results happening.

Episode 10

It's been a deep honor to get to know Chad and have him share his ERP journey with me and everyone else from start to finish. Our highlights on this video series don't reveal all the hard work to change ERPs, but we hope that by being this transparent with the world, it might make the decision a little less scary for other shops, and set the bar for the industry on how business should be done - to really support these essential manufacturers as a true partner. I hope you'll consider watching the whole series from beginning to end.
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