TK Machine Testimonial
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Switched From: JobBOSS
Business Size: 1-10

Video Transcript

Jereme Rogers:

We’re kind of a small job shop. I don’t know that we specialize in any one thing. We specialize in everything. Material wise, we work with plastic, steels, stainless steels, superalloys, aluminum, titanium, whatever. We used to use JobBOSS and it was a nightmare. So we decided to go a different route and we chose ProShop.

When we started looking around, I did look at a lot of different systems. Kind of settled on Pro Shop, because the price was good, reviews were good. The support seemed good, got quick responses when I had questions about it. The implementation of ProShop went extremely smooth. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories on implementing ERP Systems. I was expecting more headache, and we had essentially none.

The number of spreadsheets that we were using before was a little ridiculous. We had a spreadsheet for scheduling. We had a spreadsheet for outside purchase orders. We had a spreadsheet for everything. Now, with ProShop, everything’s in one place. Not having job travelers in the shop has been so nice. I can’t count the number of times that one gets misplaced or lost altogether. There is no losing them now.

I think being as organized as we are has definitely instilled confidence with our customers, that things are going to go smoothly and parts will be done correctly. When they come into the shop, it’s clean, it’s organized, and they know we’re going to take care of them.

ProShop is definitely the backbone of our business. It has definitely changed my work life for the better. It’s relieved a lot of stress and just makes my job easier and more enjoyable. My name is Jereme and my shop is powered by ProShop.

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