Pros: One of the best things is the fact it's cloud based, so I can work from anywhere and get things done without being tied down to a computer at the shop. In addition, the Support team is great resolving questions/queries that may arise. Easy to click and navigate, and hyperlinks all over that link to all kinds of part, customer, or work order information.

Cons: Being only able to upload one image at a time can be annoying at times. Editing file names that are uploaded needs a little revamping so you don't have to checkout all the time to shorten the link name.

Switched From: JobBOSS

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: New employer

Comments (Benefits): I don't want to write a novel, so I'll make it short and sweet. ProShop has saved tons of time with everyday processes, and has enabled growth in numerous aspects of our company. Being a machinist on the floor all day, I use the software numerous times a day, and the ease of access to information is seamless and very accessible. I'm able to update workholdimg specs, suggest process developments to my higher-ups, import images and files for reference tools, and so much more. This has definitely changed how I do my daily tasks and has improved work ethics for me personally.

Pros: I really love this software. It is designed to be a paperless system which makes record keeping much easier. Very user friendly to navigate through. It is Internet based so you can upload pictures and videos to a specific job or operation. Job costing works live all throughout the process. Machine efficiency, utilization and indirect time are very easy to track. Very easy to create your own search query and pull very specific reports that may be unique to your business. It goes on and on.

Cons: The scheduling function was a little cumbersome to use. It was difficult to re-arrange for the order desired. However, the latest upgrade corrected this problem and now has a drag and drop function that makes this process much easier and streamlined.

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: Outdated system. Having a lot of server issues as well as customer service issues.

Comments (Benefits): ProShop has helped with profitability as well as OTD. We went from 76% OTD in early 2019 and 4 months later we reached 99.8% OTD and have maintained it ever since. This has opened more doors and opportunities for more work and new customers. Which means growth. This software made it possible.

Pros: Real-time, accessible data. Data is at one's fingertips! Job status can easily be reviewed and reported back to the customer with confidence. With a simple query search, one can easily glean off of past jobs for production times, out of pocket costs, setup information, etc. the list goes on. Another aspect would be understanding shop capacity and schedule. This is key to meeting growing customer expectations and the ability to take on expedite orders. I would also add that the Adion team is quick to respond to client requests or questions through an online support desk. Having worked with Adion for a few years now, I can attest to their enduring customer support and continual improvement of their help documentation page. Most help can be found instantly within ProShop or is one click away. And they are constantly reaching out and keeping clients informed through webinars and email updates. It has been my pleasure to work with the Adion team.

Cons: N/A If I must, I would request that Adion consider looking into developing a 'RFQ Module'. Currently, I track and manage RFQ's outside of ProShop.

Comments (Benefits): ProShop is a seamless ERP system that you will grow to love. ProShop was designed by and for machinists and it truly shows. I could not imagine a better system for a high-caliber machine shop that needs to meet the stringent requirements of AS9100/ISO9001.

Pros: ProShop organizes every aspect of our company. Traceability and overall accuracy are of most importance. With multiple levels of quality control (including check lists and document verification), ProShop provides security and confidence in our work. The fluidity of each module and their relationship to each other is intuitive.

Cons: In the beginning, ProShop was a dramatic change from our previously disorganized system. We have learned to approach things differently, in a more efficient way with ProShop. Any complaints I may have are easily resolved with research and practice. We have only explored 60% of Proshop's capabilities. We are looking forward to the future.

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: ProShop is much easier to use. links work more consistently in ProShop. ProShop is internet based. We don't have to have a separate server on site which would require regular maintenance.

Comments (Benefits): We have resolved any traceability issues by utilizing the uploading feature for all part level drawings, models, and PLs.
The more I use ProShop, the more I realize how flexible the system is. There are multiple ways to achieve the same outcome. You can form the software to fit your business needs.

Pros: Very user friendly, very easy to fix any mistakes since all the boxes are text boxes that can be edited. I like the info boxes all throughout that help explain and go into details about things if you aren't sure what they are or what they might do.

Cons: Can be slightly overwhelming initially when using it but after a little bit it all starts making more and more sense.

Comments (Benefits): Been a very positive experience! They are always super helpful if you ever have questions or are stuck on something, they will take the time to work with you through issues and will call or video chat and follow up to make sure everything is running smoothly. Everyone is very professional and open!

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