Pros: That it is an all-in-one software that gives us real time visibility from anywhere in the world.
Cons: Some software updates can be rather lengthy between releases.
Comments (Benefits):
Pro Shop has significantly reduced our labor rates, as it has provided us a paperless system that is real time and extremely accurate. Pro Shop is a very robust MRP software that is an all-in-one software from product concept-to invoice of orders. It manages our product and processes in such a way that we have been able to reduce our overhead while increasing production. All this while also having our highest Quality and On Time Deliveries for our customers. Pro Shop is ever changing as well. Their team and developers are always looking for better and smarter ways to produce the same or higher results in all areas of the software. Our day to day operations have become easier thanks to higher visibility that Pro Shop offers. I strongly recommend Pro Shop, it is easily the most productive tool we have ever implemented into our business.

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