Pros: modular, scheduling, QA system included, all web based(use in any location)
Cons: none
Comments (Benefits):
I began using Proshop about 3 years ago. The goal for the shop that I work at was to become AS certified and more efficient in our processing of orders. Pre-Proshop for us looked like excel spreadsheets that took hours upon hours to manipulate and keep up to date and also physically chasing orders through the shop. This was companywide from PO entry to shipping. With Proshop we are now able to see the data we need automatically updated at any time with minimal effort (pick your search criteria and hit enter). This data is input by taking system wide entries. With Proshop we are able to see where a job is at at any time by searching the Work order number. With Proshop we were able to accomplish our goal of becoming AS certified in 6 months after implementation. If you are a manufacturing shop I strongly recommend that you speak further with the professionals at ProShop Canada Inc as this product will surely be a turnkey solution for your needs.

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