Pros: ProShop brings all your data together in one application, allowing a real time view of every aspect of your operations. It allows pro-active management, it allows real-time analysis of the progress and performance against the original plan. Having this ability, allows corrective actions to be taken and small issues do not become large expensive ones. This system is paperless gathering everything from Time Clocking to preventative maintenance schedules in one package. It allows the inputs you have been collecting in the past, by various methods, to become a database to drive decisions.

Cons: That we did not have ProShop 5 years ago!

Comments (Benefits): Our experience is that ProShop has exposed, with real data, assumptions we have made in the past were wrong and allowed us to make the changes to improve quoting, processes and profitability. The software allows us to make this happen but it the support and advice from the ProShop personal that gave us the direction and assistance to put the system in place.

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