Pros: Proshop has lots of great features and I am exceptionally pleased with almost all of it. The things that I like the most are scope, reliability, IT burden, and visibility. The scope of Proshop is amazing. It handles your document control for quality systems, including procedures and manual. It handles COCs, prints, revision control, inspection data, fixture location, tool management, etc. One software for everything is important, especially for small companies like mine. If you need a piece of data IT’S RIGHT THERE! Proshop is very reliable. After some initial teething problems were quickly worked out, I can always count on the server being up and my shop functioning. The features just work every time. I can leave on vacation with peace of mind and know that I’m not going to get called because the system is down. Because the system is browser based the IT burden of installing a work station is zero. No software to install or update. You access the server over a web browser and you are in business. Cheap linux computers work great-no antivirus or Microsoft necessary. The licensing model allows you install as many workstations as you want at no cost. Nice for a growing shop. No lining up at the one station and waiting your turn. Proshop allows you to have great insight into what is going on in your shop. We were growing and spiraling out of control. Nobody knew what anyone was doing or where anything was. Now I know and right from my desk.

Cons: There isn’t much that I don’t like. The software is perfect for repeat or production work, but is not quite as friendly for small job shop jobs. We use it for that successfully as we still do that type of work, but it isn’t quite as good for that. There are some areas in the interface that could be cleaned up and the proper usage of all fields and features could be more clear. That’s about it.

Comments (Benefits): Control of my business. Peace of mind. Foundation for expansion. Insight into where we are making or losing money. Reduced ISO workload.

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