Pros: The software is very intuitive, there are hyperlinks everywhere to easily jump to information pertaining to the screen you are currently using. The software allows tracking for all processes throughout a job and eliminates much of the scrambling that is present in quick turn prototyping. Absolutely all of our needs are met in this software and more. The team was also great in implementing our cloud based server on Amazon Gov cloud to help us meet ITAR data security requirements.

Cons: No con’s that outside of minor personal preference.

Alternatives Considered: NetSuite

Reasons for Choosing ProShop: The cost very reasonable and there was no customization required for our process.

Switched From: E2 Shop System

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: We switched from E2 due to the limitations the software offered. As our company grew E2 became cumbersome. We wanted more from a ERP software and E2 is a decent system but the work around’s and walls we hit became to numerous to tolerate.

Comments (Benefits): Working with ProShop has been a great experience. Multiple members of the team were there to help during training and implementation. All questions and roadblocks were handled in an expedited manner.

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