Pros: I like that the employees on the shop floor can add information to a part for setup/part production themselves instead of finding a supervisor to do it for them. We also like that it makes folders that are linked to the part in the system so we find that we don’t loose any CAD or CAM information anymore. We just started using the tool module and linking tools to parts which has been helpful to be able to order the correct tooling before the part is ready to run on the floor. Employees have said they feel more comfortable with the complicated parts having the part check information at their finger tips anytime they run a part. We are no longer looking through folders with projects in them to line someone up with work. Now, they look at their schedule for a work center and they know what to do next. It has all the information there for them to make decisions too when it comes to schedule.

Cons: The learning curve… There is so much here that some of the shop floor guys took a bit to get it figured out and how everything talks to each other. One other thing I like least about it is that it is hard to tell how many hours are available for a machining center in a certain time frame. While it lines employees up well, it doesn’t give schedulers a lot to work with.

Switched From: E2 Shop System

Reasons for Switching to ProShop: It wasn’t meeting our needs for a few reasons. Things as simple as making a single WO for a part that gets used in multiple places.

Comments (Benefits): We have had a great experience so far. The training was far better than what we got from our last system and when you have a question they get back to you fairly quick.

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