Pros:cProShop is a very robust ERP system that is intuitive to use. The primary users of ProShop in our student-run business are high school students. They can pickup the basics of ProShop very quickly once they start using the system.

Cons: The immense amount of functionality in ProShop is actually a slight con for us, though it may be a pro for most manufacturers. The sheer amount of features made it intimidating at first glance but this is the case with all ERP software I have seen. After using the software, we found it very intuitive.

Alternatives Considered: E2 Shop System, JobBOSS

Comments (Benefits): As a result of implementing ProShop in our student-run manufacturing business we have seen a dramatic increase in efficiency and less mistakes being made. We have also been able to easily adapt ProShop for use in the graphics side of our business, in addition to manufacturing and engineering.

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