Pros: Real-time, accessible data. Data is at one’s fingertips! Job status can easily be reviewed and reported back to the customer with confidence. With a simple query search, one can easily glean off of past jobs for production times, out of pocket costs, setup information, etc. the list goes on. Another aspect would be understanding shop capacity and schedule. This is key to meeting growing customer expectations and the ability to take on expedite orders. I would also add that the Adion team is quick to respond to client requests or questions through an online support desk. Having worked with Adion for a few years now, I can attest to their enduring customer support and continual improvement of their help documentation page. Most help can be found instantly within ProShop or is one click away. And they are constantly reaching out and keeping clients informed through webinars and email updates. It has been my pleasure to work with the Adion team.

Cons: N/A If I must, I would request that Adion consider looking into developing a ‘RFQ Module’. Currently, I track and manage RFQ’s outside of ProShop.

Comments (Benefits): ProShop is a seamless ERP system that you will grow to love. ProShop was designed by and for machinists and it truly shows. I could not imagine a better system for a high-caliber machine shop that needs to meet the stringent requirements of AS9100/ISO9001.

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