Pros: I like the overall design philosophy that uses check lists and color coding to quickly evaluate shop progress. It quickly bring things to your attention, the jobs or shop issues that need to be addressed.

Cons: The learning curve and time needed to implement the software. There is so much to learn, but it is necessary to take advantage of this software. As with most things that have large learning curves, the cost is well worth the effort.

Alternatives Considered: E2 Shop System, JobBOSS

Reasons for Choosing ProShop: The overall design philosophy and the gantt charts for scheduling.

Comments (Benefits): We are a small company with about a dozen employees in total, and we are just a few months into implementing ProShop in our business. At every turn, we are continually impressed with the capabilities of the software. It will take us years to grow into the changes we intend to make to expand our business, and ProShop will be capable of handling all of it. Moving to an ERP system is an enormous commitment that should not be taken lightly. Although we are still new, learning, configuring and adjusting, we are very happy with our purchasing decision, and would make the same decision again.

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