Pros: We like using Proshop because it is a paperless ERP system that our employees use daily for time tracking and work orders and all info is real time. Inspection, Training and preventative maintenance are all handle in Proshop without having to have different spreadsheets or software. This has made maintaining our ISO 9001 quality system a lot easier than our old software system.

Cons: It would be nice if some of the modules were mobile friendly.

Comments (Benefits): With adding Proshop as our ERP system, it has made it to were I am able to easily see what is going on in the shop and also plan for upcoming work. Before Proshop, we were late 20% of the time on our orders due to over scheduling and materials not arriving on time to compete the project. We are now able to maintain a 95% on time delivery. This has helped us to make more money and take on more work.

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