You don’t need to struggle with an ERP which isn’t designed for your business!

ProShop dramatically improves efficiency because it focuses on improving the execution of manufacturing shop processes.

The result – dramatic labor and cost savings, both in the shop and the office. That can be used to cut costs or to scale and grow. It’s your choice.

What will you do with your 25% cost savings?

ProShop Lean Setup Process

When a machinist starts to setup a machine, they should never have to leave the machine before they have a good part. If this doesn't happen in your shop, you're leaving money on the table. Download our guide to learn how your shop can slash setup times by 50%!

"ProShop ERP has been the primary fuel to our success, giving our customers the experience of working with a much larger company with small company service. Your machine shop is only too small for ProShop ERP if you want to stay small, but even then, your processes will be greatly improved and you'd make more money with ProShop than without."
- Tom Rougeux, President at RX Industries

These shops have improved their operations with ProShop, watch their videos below!

Speed Up and Save Cost

Traditional Manufacturing ERP systems completely ignore the most important part of your business – The actual manufacturing processes. That’s where ProShop ERP shop software is miles ahead of any other system. We very easily and intuitively help you manage the manufacturing process. The results? Most customers report setup reductions of 50% and total labor savings of 25% or more. That means you can make more money with the same machines and people.
“ProShop was one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve seen huge improvements in places we never expected. It’s been a total game changer for us.”

Kody – Coastal Machine


Get the real-time information you need to make decisions on the fly to keep your jobs on schedule. Scheduling is updated automatically by the factory activity and always shows the latest status. Changes to due dates, quantities, and more are instantly propagated throughout the system and onto the schedule.
“The scheduling in our old ERP system didn’t work as advertised. With our old ERP we were about 75% on-time. Since using Proshop, we’ve maintained over 95% on-time delivery since we started over a year ago.”

Jason – Trillium Machine

Integrated QMS

ProShop has a deeply integrated suite of QMS modules and features. It dramatically cuts down on the time investment to manage your ISO or AS9100 certification, reduces cost-of-quality with real-time monitoring of quality inspection reporting, and automates the preparation of quality document packages including cert management and FAIR generation. It also paperlessly manages all your QMS records and documentation so you’re always audit-ready and never have to scramble to prepare.
“ProShop keeps quality at the heart of everything it does. It’s helped us dramatically reduce the time we spend on quality functions such as getting ready for audits, preparing document packages for final inspection, and helped us improve part quality by monitoring in-process inspection in real time.” 

Matt – 3D Industries

Everything in One System

ProShop can easily store and manage all job and company data. From setup sheets, tool lists, inspection plans, drawings, sales reports, estimating data, inventory, job costing, labor tracking, all QMS records and more. With it’s browser based and paperless interface, having effortless access to nearly all company data in seconds has never been simpler.
“The overall functionality! Everything is under one roof. It’s not 5-6 different systems anymore. Now the shop crew has a full feedback loop. They can give us information, we can give them information. It’s all real-time…we can’t imagine living without it” 

Justin – Irongate Machine

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