ProShop Founder to host Ignite Session at PNAA 2018 Conference

February 2, 2018

ProShop founder Paul Van Metre will address the entire 600+ group of attendees at the 2018 PNAA Conference in Lynnwood, WA on February 13, 2018.

PNAA’s Ignite-style sessions are intended to stimulate the delivery of new, exciting and tangible examples of applied innovation that assists SMEs in growing their competitive edge. Each “Ignite Session” is under the general topic of: Actionable Technologies for SMEs. They provide an opportunity for industry experts to share introductory information on applied technologies used in “real time” by aerospace manufacturing SMEs to transform from legacy to modern methods of manufacturing.

Paul will share with the audience how ProShop was developed at an SME to solve the complex issues faced by a contract manufacturer in the aerospace industry.

Paul will also host an hour-long detailed Technical Session the following day in the breakout rooms downstairs.

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