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ProShop is quickly becoming recognized as the premier management software for elite shops. Shops that use ProShop are higher performing than shops who don’t. Clients recognize this and are starting to seek out shops who are Powered By ProShop!

One example of this is Triumph Aerospace who recently approached us asking for names of new suppliers they could add to their approved vendor list. Based on their experience with suppliers using ProShop, they typically see a much higher level of performance compared to shops who don’t use ProShop. Here is their specific quote:

“I have worked in the Aerospace industry for over 15 years, and worked in the past at a company that used ProShop. I have yet to find a more comprehensive ERP/MES/QMS system that allows suppliers to perform at the highest level. Now I’m in a role at a Tier 2 aerospace manufacturer. Since I have seen a difference in the level of performance with suppliers who are using ProShop, I actively look for those suppliers to work with us on our programs. I can more reliably count on accurate quotes, on time delivery, and better inspection and quality reports from them.”
Lori Nevin - Sr. Program Manager
Triumph Aerospace
If you choose to do this, please use this link back to our website on the image. If you need help with this, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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