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broshop is a tool we designed over 17

years to help us improve reliability

efficiency and communication at every

step of the manufacturing process when

we began developing Pro Shop we were

growing at nearly 100% every year so we

needed a software that would enable that

growth our challenges were keeping track

of jobs there wasn’t a solution that

existed that we were happy with there

was no other software that could do what

we actually wanted it to do we got to a

point where we knew if we were going to

continue to grow and maintain our level

of quality we need a system to simplify

and organize every step of the

manufacturing process there was no

system out there like that so we started


one Pro Shop was developed by people

that were in Machining people that

actually stood in front of machines

programmed machines ordered materials

shipped parts to

customers the problem we continued to

run into was staying organized we needed

an intuitive way to keep track of

everything every job every tool every

detail and every minute spent on a job

first impression was this

rocks uh it still is actually they’ve

seen the struggles of what kind of holes

there are in manufacturing from a

Planning Development side of things to

getting it out to the customer the

biggest thing was the fact that it was

real time visibility I Can’t Describe

enough of what it is like to be able to

literally see everything from One

desktop it allows us to know what needs

to be done it allows us to see what

items need to be purchased what items we

have on hand that allows us to send work

instruction directly to manufacturing at

the end of the day What mattered to our

clients was having quality and

reliability with the paperwork to prove

it we designed Pro Shop to organize the

data throughout so getting the paperwork

clients need is as simple as a click of

the button we have customers that come

to us because they know they’re going to

get their product and they’re going to

get it right and it’s going to be on

time you know the numbers speak for

themselves in that we’ve doubled in size

sales-wise and we’re basically doing it

with the same Workforce Pro Shop

required us to look at our company and

say we can do better we can be more

efficient more effective more profitable

our goal now is working with companies

that share that Vision that want to push

what’s possible and are willing to put

in the



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