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#96 Idea - Manufacturing Recipe for Differentiation

EECO Asks Why Podcast

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EECO is an expert in industrial automation and motor solutions, with the benefit of full line electrical distribution. Major manufacturers, OEMs, and contractors trust us to provide solutions that lower cost of ownership, increase reliability, and improve performance. Think about this – how can a shop know its profitability on every job? This is a common struggle area and in Paul’s recipe, he uncovers how with the right processes and platforms in place every shop can have accurate and to the minute data available to be successful. Helping others see how a system could improve their process and help in business growth are all areas that Paul expands upon. This is a thought-provoking recipe for differentiation and one that we feel could help many out there that are supporting the growing world of manufacturing.
#54 A Conversation with ProShop

EBITDA Growth Systems

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Too many companies struggle to produce healthy bottom lines and/or favorable valuations. EBITDA Growth Systems’ mission is to help business owners and executives substantially increase the profitability and value of their companies. We work with clients that have achieved some level of operational success but have not yet crossed the chasm to reach maximum profitability (EBITDA). Join Mike & Dave as they welcome some special guests - our friends from ProShop! There is a lot of good information here about ProShop ERP and how amazing our ERP is! Check it out. The people at EBITDA Growth Systems have gone so far as to say it’s the only ERP they recommend! This is an episode you need to listen to IMMEDIATELY!!
#97 Reducing Machine Setup Time up to 50% with Paul Van Metre


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Swarfcast is for listeners interested in the precision machining world. We interview owners of manufacturing companies, inventors, tooling experts, machine tool builders, robotics experts and whoever else we think our listeners/readers would find interesting. On today’s show we’re talking about how to set up machine tools efficiently. Our guest is Paul Van Metre, co-founder of ProShop ERP. ProShop produces a comprehensive web-based and totally paperless shop management system for small to medium manufacturing companies. Paul says that using a few best practices, guided by ProShop’s management system, can reduce a machine setup time up to 50%.
#33 Using Business Process as a Differentiator with Paul Van Metre

Manufacturing Happy Hour

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We go beyond the buzzwords and dissect real-life applications and success stories so that you can tackle your biggest manufacturing challenges and turn them into profitable opportunities. Stay Innovative, Stay Thirsty. In this episode, Paul shares his story about starting a company right out of college some Formula SAE buddies and how the challenges they faced as machine shop owners inspired them to create ProShop. In addition to hearing some of the lessons that Paul has learned throughout his entrepreneurial career, we discuss why systems, documentation, and business processes are the key differentiator for manufacturers – particularly machine shops – in today’s market. We even get into a little car talk before the interview wraps up, so make sure to stick around until the end!
#62 Paul Van Metre

Within Tolerance

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Within Tolerance is a podcast where the hosts talk everything from machine shop work, CAD/CAM, and other manufacturing processes! Welcome to the Within Tolerance Podcast! This podcast is where Payton Dean (BrickTactical) and Dylan Jackson (Proteum Machining) talk shop! Today Payton and Dylan talk to Paul Van Metre from ProShop ERP! Paul tells his background in job shop machining and how that turned into an ERP software company that helps machine shops and manufacturing companies!
#21: Industry Specific ERP and Differentiators: People, Process, and Technology
#11 OPSQC Podcast: Paul Van Metre - Co-Founder of ProShop ERP
#42 – The ERP Turning Complex into Cash
WBSP068: Grow Your Business by Using Business Processes as a Sales Tool w/ Paul Van Metre
#48 - Working On the Business, Not In the Business, w/ Paul van Metre
#14 - The Turnpike Show

EECO Asks Why

Episode 169:

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EBITDA Growth Systems

Episode 54:
A Conversation with ProShop

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Episode 97:
Reducing Machine Setup Time to 50%

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Manufacturing Happy Hour

Episode 33:
Business Processes as a Differentiator

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Within Tolerance

Episode 62:
With Paul Van Metre

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Episode 11:
With Paul Van Metre

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Manufacturing Out Loud

Episode 42:
The ERP Turning Complex into Cash


Episode 68:
Using Business Processes as Sales Tool

Manufacturing Executive

Episode 48:
Working On, Not In the Business


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