Replacing JobBOSS

A collection of current ProShop customer testimonials, case studies, and quotes about switching from JobBOSS to ProShop.


Within a year of implementing ProShop, East Branch saw an increase in revenue, reduction in expediting fees and reduction in shipping fees. They also were able to increase their on-time percentage from 70% to 100%. They now see ProShop as being the backbone of their company.

G-Zero used JobBOSS Prior to using ProShop. Before ProShop, they had difficulties maintaining a good schedule that would be accurate so that they could forecast their workload, and be positive on when they would get their items to customers. This prompted them to find a new ERP solution. They describe the Implementation process with ProShop as “very quick”. They love the real-time information and digital work instructions. Hear David Hannah, President, talk about how Proshop has improved their operations.

CARR Machine & Tool is a CNC precision machine shop located in suburban Chicago. CARR Machine realized they needed to make a change in their shop, and found ProShop to be their solution. They use ProShop in their sales pitch to prospective clients, and have seen a huge improvement in speed in the way they can get estimates out to their customers. Their biggest achievement: tripling their sales in 2019!

Implementation Webinar

This webinar features a customer who made the switch from JobBOSS to ProShop!


JobBOSS is one of the systems that we replace the most, so the implementation of ProShop from JobBOSS is very smooth. The one quote that stands out the most about replacing JobBOSS comes from our customer at G-Zero Manufacturing:

“Prior to purchasing ProShop, we were using JobBOSS ERP system. We had a lot of difficulties in maintaining a good schedule that would be accurate so we can forecast on our workload, be positive on when we’re gonna get our items to our customers, and we just constantly were fighting with that. And so that started us to search, to see what else was out there that can help us to meet our customer’s needs. We realized we’d had our previous ERP system for eight years and we still weren’t having any advance in improving in our scheduling, so we were having difficulties on seeing what this current status of each job was, where it was at, how soon we were gonna be finished with it, and it would just wasn’t as robust as what we needed for our system. So when I saw the demo [of ProShop], I was very impressed with the ability to track and see live real time where each job was, which status it was in each operation, where we were not able to follow before, it was more of just a system that we had was more current on beginning to end of a job, it wasn’t anything in between, it started, and then it was completed. I had no idea we ‘re falling behind in which operations and ProShop really was just amazing at how you can telleach operation its status, how far they were in that operation, we could see if they’re meeting their goals, if it’s falling behind, if we’re gonna need to work some overtime to catch up on jobs, it was just amazingly more robust

Former JobBOSS customer, Marzilli Machine, featured in MMS article after switching to ProShop!

“Many of the conclusions I come to as a witness to what is happening in manufacturing are anecdotal: impressions based on patterns I notice in what shop owners are saying or seem to be giving their attention to. The following conclusion is an example of that. It seems to me that 2020 has been — among many other things — a year for ERP.”… Read the full article using the button below!


G-Zero CNC is a machine shop in the Boise ID area owned by Dave and Stephanie Hannah. They bought the shop in 2007 after deciding to leave the high pressure corporate life in Los Angeles. Dave had never worked in the machining industry so had a steep learning curve the first few years of running the business. In 2010, as the shop grew, they decided they needed some ERP software and, after some looking, decided to go the “safe” route and buy the widely used system JobBOSS.

“We bought JobBOSS and then sent 3 employees to a training class for 3 days” said Dave. “Then we came back to the shop and tried to implement it. We got most of it working, but we never fully implemented it, because it was difficult and didn’t work as well as we were hoping. We never got scheduling to work so resorted to Excel spreadsheets. But other than that, it worked fine – at least we thought it did at the time. We didn’t really know any better.”…..

East Branch Engineering and Manufacturing in New Milford, CT was founded by Paul Guidotti in 1989.  His son, Chris, joined him as the VP of Manufacturing in 2003 following his graduation from engineering school. With ~20 machines and 16 staff, East Branch specializes in high-precision, multi-axis milling and turning and has built a reputation for providing outstanding service and quality parts to a wide variety of industries. In April of 2017, East Branch Engineering and Manufacturing sent in an impassioned plea in an online inquiry form on our website:

“We’re trying to pull in larger customers, but we feel we are constantly hitting our heads against our ERP to get things done.  There’s a general feeling of a “square peg round hole” with E2. You can get a square peg to fit in a round hole if you hammer on it enough.  We’re starting to realize that ‘hammering’ is getting expensive and hindering growth.”

East Branch came to ProShop as an experienced ERP user.  Early on they purchased JobBOSS and used it for several years before they moved on to E2 by Shoptech.  E2 promised an easier to use interface and better integrated functionality. Chris became an adept E2 user and quickly became one of the most active members of the E2 Community Forum. With time, growth and increasing industry demands, Chris’s participation with info and training via the forum changed to requests for new features and bug fixes.


East Branch is able to manage all of their data in one place with ProShop

“We used to run a JobBOSS and then we switched to E2 shortly thereafter, and E2 was working for a while, but as the company grew and our customer’s requirements grew, we found ourselves spending more time managing the system. Overall it was the total management of all our data that really helped us choose ProShop.”

Chris GuidottiEastbranch Engineering

G-Zero is able to have more visability with ProShop

“We ended up getting rid of three different Excel spreadsheets that we were using. One that was enhancing our schedule from JobBOSS that we had to use, one for purchasing and then one for assembly items. So all those went away and now everything is done strictly paperless, right on the internet, so we can see live in each machine, and what we’re doing.”

David HannahG-Zero CNC

3D found that ProShop was ready to go, right out of the box

“I’ve been through usage and in some cases implementations of JobBOSS, Plex, E2, Epicor and Global Shop. And the major significant improvement from the box that we get here with ProShop is there are rules built in and with all the other systems that I’ve dealt with, you have to develop your own rules just to be able to use the system. So out of the box ProShop is ready to go.”

Matt Rodde3D Industries

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