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"ProShop is brilliant! Software made by machinists for machinists. It's a no brainer for anyone considering ERP for their shop. If you are planning on ISO9001 consider how cloud based QMS in ProShop makes your QMS useful and convenient. Our annual Audit was done online in 4 hours with zero findings!" -Brett, Kennewell Machine.



Our Flying Start Package brings incredible value to clients who are looking to become certified or upgrade their current QMS documentation. But sometimes the prospect of doing all the work to become certified, or bring your QMS into the 21st century is daunting. It’s just too much work to take on by yourself or hire a 3rd party consultant who may not understand how your new ProShop system works.

Recognizing the need of clients who want to become certified with less effort on their part, the team at ProShop now has 3 highly experienced QMS specialists who can help clients get certified to ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 13485 (with more certifications in the works) using ProShop’s paperless QMS modules, in the shortest time and lowest cost possible. If you’d like learn more, please let us know.
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I wanted to drop you a note regarding our AS9100 Stage 1 audit and give a special thanks to Michael and ProShop. We completed it today and thanks to Michael’s support, only had a very small number of very minor items come up (honestly the auditor was looking for “something” to write us up for). I wanted to mention that our auditor said more than once that this was the best system he had ever seen. We finished the audit in just over half the allotted time due to how organized everything is. – J.F, Fort Ord Works
After going through the Training and Implementation Process (TIP) they went live at the end of December, and by the end of January were using ProShop exclusively. They had planned on a much longer transition time, with about 300 active jobs in E2 at the time of going live in ProShop, but the time savings were so obvious and immediate, that they decided to close out all 300 jobs in E2 and transfer them to ProShop mid-process. “It was a lot of work,” says Kody, “but it was totally worth the effort because the cost savings were so high!”


This presentation is divided into several parts:

Summary – achieving QMS certification
Maintaining QMS certification
Preparing for QMS cerification
How can ProShop consulting help prepare for QMS Certification
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What is the purpose of QMS?
Why is quality management important
What are the eight principles of quality management?
Quality management systems (QMS) help organizations increase quality and customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products or services. Medical and aerospace products, for example, should be manufactured in a highly controlled environment so they are safe and effective. Quality management systems help organizations ensure their products consistently meet objective standards of quality. These systems continually identify areas that could be improved.
When you have processes and systems in place that help ensure quality, you will prevent problems in the future. Defective products will cost you more in the long term because you may have to replace them or repair them. Worst of all, low-quality products and services hurt your company’s reputation.

Even small businesses will benefit from QMS consulting services. When you gain a reputation for quality, you can capture market share from other companies. Customers who see your quality management process in place, will have a high level of comfort and be more willing to work with your company. Customers who know that they can rely on the quality of your products will also tell other people about your company. These personal referrals are more important than ever because of the widespread use of social media.
These eight principles of quality management have been in use for about 25 years and have stood the test of time:
1. Leadership that creates a cooperative environment for employees
2. Employees who feel empowered and rewarded
3. A strong focus on the needs of the customers
4. Processes that are managed effectively
5. Systems that coordinate the different processes
6. Constant improvement of processes and systems
7. Decisions based on objective evidence
8. Good relationships with suppliers
If you implement these eight principles into your organization, you will generate smoother operations and more consistent results. We offer QMS consulting to help you raise your results to the next level, including assistance with computer systems validation and all aspects of QMS. We have an efficient and effective process to help you get certified, or help you upgrade your existing QMS documentation.
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