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For Elite shops

ProShop combines the features found in ERP, MES, QMS, CMMS, and other software categories for machine shops, fabricators, job shops, contract manufacturers and others in regulated industries.
ProShop links every corner of your company to all the others in a powerful but simple way so you can make the best decisions about how to run your business. Download this module sheet to see all of the modules that ProShop offers.

We Bring You The Details

Know exactly how much profit every job, part number and customer brings you. Automatically calculated every day. Cultivate the winners, cut the losers.

ProShop includes a complete QMS system built-in. Totally integrated to manage the big picture and the small details. From Procedures to FAIs.

See exactly when every job needs to start, and to leave to be on time, including out-of-plant processing time and your customer’s on-time delivery window. Latest status is updated all day, every day.
With 25+ dashboards built-in, there is nothing you won’t know. With a finger on the pulse of your business – from anywhere, business is just better.

“The scope of Proshop is amazing. It handles your document control for quality systems, including procedures and manual. It handles COCs, prints, revision control, inspection data, fixture location, tool management, etc. One software for everything is important, especially for small companies like mine. If you need a piece of data IT’S RIGHT THERE!”
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Modules Definitions

The estimates module allows you quickly create detailed cost and time estimates for parts or assemblies – either from scratch or our Rapid Estimate Template system.

All employees who use ProShop are assigned as a User. The User page gives HR and management a place to record important information about employees including employment information, benefit summary, contact information and more.
An unlimited number of company positions can be created and assigned to Users. These can then be assigned as responsible for actions and categories across ProShop including NCRs, Audits, Quality Procedures, Equipment, and more.
Once estimates are finalized, with a click you can generate a quote to send to a customer. Two options exist for formatting Quotes, having a separate line item for any non-recurring costs in the form of an NRE, or dividing the NRE costs into the unit price of each of the quantities you are quoting.
ProShop has a built-in time clock for punching in and out of work. A very fast interface allows any user to clock in or out from any device quickly using a password.

The Quality Manual is a broad document that sets forth the quality system procedures and defines compliance with the standards your company is certified for.

This module tracks every customer order with information about prices, delivery dates, Work Order numbers, First Article Inspection (FAI) requirements, etc.

The Messaging system is critical for intra-company communications. It is used as a replacement for email for many companies.

Quality Procedures or QPs are detailed documents that cover specific areas of the company and how the systems and procedures are managed to ensure that high quality and efficiency is maintained.
This is where you keep track of anyone you communicate with outside the company. All customers, vendors, and other types of contacts are managed here.

With over 25 unique Dashboards for customer service, planning, shipping, inspection, receiving, sales, finance, and much more, every department and manager are continuously being updated in real time by all users who are working within ProShop.
The Task module is an extremely robust yet lightweight way to document and rev. control all of the important tasks, processes and work instructions in your company.

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Modules Definitions

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