Do You Need a More Robust System Than Fulcrum?

ProShop dramatically improves efficiency because it focuses on improving the execution of manufacturing shop processes. We built ProShop as a solution for our company during our years of running a CNC machine shop. Combining floor experience with in-depth user understanding led to the most robust rool offered by manufacturing ERP software companies today. 

Our staff has been in the business for decades, and have owned businesses like the ones we are serving today. Not only does our team have experience in their current field, they have manufacturing experience as well, making anyone you train with at ProShop highly skilled and educated. 

What Makes ProShop Different?

Create tasks in an extremely robust yet lightweight way. Document and rev. control all of the important tasks, processes and work instructions in your company. 

"Say we have a new operator that comes in a job, there's a list of tasks and a list of training. They can go and read all those steps, procedures or watch the videos. It helps them to perform their job better." 
- Alex C, Affinity Manufacturing 
ProShop scheduling is a finite capacity system, showing you in real-time, the exact number of hours left on all jobs currently on Workcells and when they will finish based on your shift schedule.

"In our first demo of ProShop, the scheduling is what really jumped out at us because that was what we were looking for. We needed something we could rely on. When we tell our customers what date we're going to have those parts done, it's accurate."

Robust features.

"We've got feedback from numerous customers that they have never seen a system as robust as ours."
All of your information is 100% traceable.

"A lot of the challenges that we had before using ProShop had to do with traceability and figuring out where different things were within the manufacturing system. My first impression was, this rocks! There is no other system I've seen that can do what ProShop does."
- Brian A, Trulife Engineered Solutions
Our Implementation Team offers world class support to our clients.

"We were fortunate to have Kelsey and Brian as our implementation team. I remember they were here before us every single morning, and often the last ones to leave. You got a sense that they understood the problems we were having. If you had a question, they always knew the answer. Their expertise in ProShop is unmatched."
- Chris G, East Branch Engineering
Time Track in just a few seconds!

"It was a real mess to fix our time tracking, but ProShop has made it easy to just go in and change the numbers."
- Tybalt Q, Diversified Manufacturing Technologies
Checklists are built into ProShop.

"One of the biggest eye-opening things about ProShop, is being able to have integrated planning and checklists. We now have a system that creates everything so that you don't forget about those tasks."
- Jason B, Trillium Machine
Use dashboards on the shop floor to get real-time data about everything that goes on in your shop.

"The dashboards have really helped us, specifically back in the shipping area. We used to wait for parts to get finished, then they'd come back and at that point our shipper would have to try and put pieces of the puzzle together. With dashboards, the shipper is able to know what's coming and proactively get ready."
- Justin E, Irongate Machine Inc.
Whatever you need is in one central place, which makes it easy to find information.

"Everything is centrally located now in one big hub. Now I can see everything, and by doing that at least 40% of my time from walking around or doing anything else is now saved. I can easily upload it digitally, transfer it to the office and then go ahead and schedule for shipping. "
- Ron L, Moseys Production

Nick Switched from Fulcrum to ProShop, and so Can You!

"My younger brother and I had never stepped foot into a machine shop before going into this business. We watched Youtube videos and did some internet searching to get us started. After hearing about ProShop, we said hey, I want our business to look like that and immediately made the switch."
Nick Preece, President at Preece Machining and Assembly

Ready to Make the Switch?

We ran our own CNC machine shop for 17 years, so we know a few things about paperless shop floor management, scheduling, estimating and lots more. Block off your schedule and prepare to get excited!
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