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ProShop ERP Software Implementation

– In my career, I’ve been through usage and in some cases implementations of JobBoss, Plex, E2, EPICOR and Global Shop. And the major significant improvement from the box that we get here with ProShop is there are rules built in and with all the other systems that I’ve dealt with you have to develop your own rules just to be able to use the system. So I’d cut at least 40% out of the garbage I had to tackle with , when implementing something in this complexity

– The user interface is very intuitive. So it makes training new hires within a couple of days, they are fairly independent.

– I would absolutely recommend ProShop to other shops like ours. ProShop actually own a machine shop and they speak our language. They’ve been through the trenches. They’ve been through all the things that machine shops continually struggle with. So every problem you have they’ve had before and it makes the communication so much easier when you’re talking with somebody that’s actually been through it, been through the growth been through the problems that they’ve had with audits and customers and whatever problem that you could imagine they’ve been through.

– We’ve seen efficiency increases through every aspect of the shop and we can’t imagine living without it. And making that transition was much simpler than we thought it would be. And then just the overall functionality everything is under one roof. There’s not five, six different systems anymore. Now the crew has full feedback loop. They can give us information. We can give them information. It’s all real time.

– Once people saw really how great it was it was kinda like a freight train. We couldn’t even stop the progress.

– I’ve never had software support like that where they’re basically logging in, putting in time truly caring about what you’re trying to do and make it as easy as possible to change one of the most difficult things that you can do in a machine shop and switching ERP software.

– We started using ProShop almost instantly. We just started at the beginning of the manufacturing process, which was quoting. And once we developed and learn how to quote, we just moved into the next step of the process, be doing work orders, ordering material, and just kinda developed the process through there all the way up to invoicing. The onboarding for ProShop was pretty pretty seamless. We did a lot of web based training. Brian was one of our trainers. He used to be a machinist himself. So it really seemed, you know he spoke our language as far as how we learned and what our needs were.

– We’re currently installing ProShop in a second location of our company and it’s helped us to eliminate four other softwares that we’re all kinda doing different parts but not really well of the whole management of the company.

– So we have the implementation specialist was Michael Collins. We had a lot of questions. He had all the answers and if he didn’t he would find someone that did come back with him. Beyond that, he just showed us how to use ProShop. All of our training sessions were recorded for later review or for new employees that we hire. Overall, It was pretty good implementation experience.

– Yeah. I would recommend ProShop and I have recommended ProShop. Just check it out and you’ll like it.

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