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Enabling digital transformation with security and compliance is at the core of what we do.
Our clients support critical industries with sensitive data that needs protecting. ProShop was born from a precision manufacturing company that served the Defense, Aerospace, Medical Device, and other critical industries that required the highest level of security compliance. It’s how we’ve always operated and continue to operate today. Hundreds of shops trust ProShop to keep their data secure with the latest in security best practices. 

ProShop provides its clients cloud service deployments and, in some limited cases, on-premise deployments. ProShop also offers its clients professional services, such as remote training, on-site training, consulting, custom development and client support. The cloud service deployments and the professional services are subject to specific regulatory requirements due their use and the data exchanged and safeguarded as a result. 

Below represents a brief summary of the two regulatory approaches that ProShop must comply with as a stakeholder and active participant in the Defense Industrial Base. In addition, ProShop also provides ProShop SAFE™, a set of key features incorporated into ProShop ERP that are designed to enhance our client’s compliance to CMMC.


The Federal Risk and Authorization Program (FedRAMP) was established to provide the Federal Government with cloud services offerings (CSO) that have been assessed by third party organizations. In the course of a CSO’s assessment, the risks of use are identified and the extent to which security requirements have been met is verified. Successful CSOs are listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace, a database of CSOs that have achieved a FedRAMP designation, such as an Authority to Operate (ATO). 

The Marketplace is where the Federal Government and private entities identify CSOs that meet FedRAMP requirements, depending upon a CSOs published status. FedRAMP designated CSOs are used by the Federal Government and its contracts, and in some cases, subcontractors to protect Federal data when such data is stored in a cloud service environment. For more information, visit FedRAMP.


The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Program (CMMC) was established by the Department of Defense to ensure that contractors and subcontractors within the Defense Industrial Base implement specific security requirements for safeguarding Federal data. These requirements apply based on contract when covered defense information is processed, stored or transmitted, throughout the supply chain. 

The program includes ongoing third party assessment and verification of security requirements. Successful assessments and fulfillment of requirements may lead to CMMC Certification. For more information, visit CMMC.

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