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Get certified: With less time and money! Assure compliance with less effort, forever!

The ProShop QMS Assurance Plan (QAP) is an optional subscription plan that can be added onto the ProShop software subscription. It adds several benefits for customers who would like to ensure that their QMS is always up to date with the latest standards, is optimized to support their operations, and ensures they’re as ready as they can be for all recertifications in the future.

There are two main elements to the QMS Assurance Plan:

1. The Flying Start package of QMS content that is embedded into ProShop’s QMS related modules when you sign up. (Those modules are always included with your ProShop subscription, But those modules are typically empty of any content.) ProShop has modules to manage a complete Quality Management System built-in. It can be used to manage and certify your company to any quality standard including ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 13485, API and more.
2. Ongoing training, content updates and support on your QMS. ProShop hosts a dedicated QMS related webinar and newsletter quarterly, and maintains a dedicated discussion area of our Client Forum specifically for QMS Assurance Plan clients. This continuing thought leadership and QMS support ensures that clients always have their QMS content in tip-top shape, and always updated to the latest standard. As new revisions of ISO, AS9100 and related standards and forms are published, ProShop constantly updates its content and makes it available to clients on the QMS Assurance Plan to upload into their systems. We’re also available to answer questions, provide guidance and give feedback in the forum.

Quality Documents

Required documents (relates specifically to ISO-9001 or other quality documents).


Detailed level tasks which outline specific daily, weekly, or as needed tasks which must be performed by employees.


Training instructions and records of the employees who have completed training related to Procedures, Tasks or standalone activities.

Company Positions

Allows documenting every position in the company, duties, responsibilities, training requirements, and all
employees who occupy these positions. Automatically builds an Org Chart of the entire company.

Requirement Fulfillment Location

The RFL is a critical tool to link any record in your QMS and piece of content to the appropriate section of the Standards module. Essential in upgrading revisions or being certified to multiple standards at once. It also makes the auditing process about 3X faster than other systems.

What is included?

ProShop always includes the listed QMS modules but does not come by default with all the content of the Quality Manual, Procedures, Documents, Tasks, Training and Company Positions. That is content you either must develop yourself if you have not been previously certified, migrated into ProShop if you have been previously certified, or purchased from a 3rd party.

What is the QMS Assurance Plan?

The Quality Assurance Plan includes the two main items listed above. With the Flying Start content insertion that is delivered upon starting your subscription QAP subscription, we will upload content into the following modules: Standards, Quality Manual, Quality Procedures, Documents, Tasks, Training and Company Positions. This content is which was developed to be fully compliant with the latest versions of ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 13485, and API. It can also be tailored to support other quality standards.

This content is highly targeted for precision manufacturing and was carefully crafted by our experience in our own precision manufacturing company of 17 years, and with our team of ASQ certified quality auditors to be very lean, efficient and work well with the framework of ProShop’s paperless system. Please inquire to learn more about the specific content we provide.

Third party consultants often charge $10,000 or more for a generic template non-database type of system which still requires lots of customization.

Companies using ProShop typically require minimal customization of the included content.

What does the QMS Assurance Plan cost?

The QMS Assurance Plan is a $3,000/year subscription, with a minimum term of 3 years. It can only be added to a current ProShop subscription, or to clients who have a perpetual license and are on active maintenance.

Note: The QMS modules in ProShop also include CARs, PARs, NCRs, Audits and others. These modules are transactional by their nature and do not come with any content but are always included in every ProShop installation.

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