Importance of Cybersecurity: A Case Study


The Importance of Cybersecurity

How not to get in trouble with the DOD and FBI

Check out this short 5 minute presentation from our resident security expert!

Client Case Study

Client Profile
50+ person machine shop

Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Commercial parts

Practicing good cyber-hygiene

On-Prem ERP hosting with local backups for files and ERP database – BUT, backups for ERP database was not working properly
What Happened?
Ransomware entered system via Phishing email

Privileges escalated once in the network, then Data Exfiltration

Entire internal network was encrypted, meaning everything was unavailable

Threatened with the release of data if ransom not paid
How did they Recover?
Had to wipe the server and client machines connected to the network

Their database backup was not running as designed – ProShop ERP was able to restore their database within 24 hours

DoD and FBI helping to monitor the dark web to see if the data is actually released for sale
Best Practices
Offsite/Offline backups

Security Awareness and Training

Use MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)

Consider Cloud ERP – Cloud ERP is more robust

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Subscribe to the CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) Newsletters – the most critical vulnerabilities, along with mitigation strategies for them, are tracked and reported. Updates go out near daily, and focus on the most important issues

CMMC: The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification contains a blueprint for cybersecurity within your organization. Even if you are not required to be certified, implementing some of the requirements will bring benefits

ProShop ERP has multiple features that can assist with CMMC compliance, and security architecture in general, such as:

Highly configurable password requirements

100,000 most commonly used passwords NOT ALLOWED to be used as passwords

Fully integrated MFA with FIPS compliant Yubikeys

See ProShop Security Features for more information

CMMC Flying Start Package: implement, track, and maintain your requirements within the ProShop architecture. Learn more about CMMC and ProShop here.

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