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Coastal Machine Increases Productivity

"ProShop is THE BEST decision we have ever made." - Kody Guidry



Increase On-Time Delivery



Increase in Throughput



Faster Quoting



Increase in Revenue

Your Success is our top result

ProShop has made client success an important part of our values from the very beginning. Here are some numbers that real shops have experienced after implementing ProShop:
30-40% Increased On-Time Delivery
25% Increased Shop Throughput
50% Decreased Set-Up Times
93% Decreased Expediting Fees
You can see some examples of this below!

Discover the Difference

These companies have saved time and money with ProShop! When will you?
See examples by clicking on each testimonial video.

Irongate Machine

Irongate saw a 25% increase on the amount of work that was getting pushed through. This ultimately led to immediate feedback from the shop floor in real-time.

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Moseys Production

Prior to ProShop, Moseys Production spent a lot of time chasing paperwork and parts. Now, There is as little as a 10 day lead time reduction for all orders.

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Trillium Machine

Within their first year, Trillium Machine has maintained over 95% on-time deliveries. Being where they are now, they would've had to hire at least two more employees!

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In just 2019 alone, CARR Machine & Tool, Inc. saw sales triple, due to speed improvements throughout the shop floor. They said there is just no way this could have been possible without implementing ProShop! 
"As I progressed, I learned how to navigate through the software, I love it more and more."
Jim Carr
Owner of CARR Machine & Tool, Inc.
"What used to take nearly 80 hours a week to handle all the purchasing needs, with 2 full time staff, is now just a part time job for one person taking perhaps 6-8 hours a week.  That's a 90% reduction in labor."
Lynda Rosenberg
Director of Operations
Frey & Weiss Precision Machining
  • Record Keeping in ProShop Saved Traxis
    "Besides my wife, ProShop is the best decision I've ever made! A customer believed they had sent 250 more pieces of their materials than they did. Record keeping in ProShop and allocation of materials to each WO absolutely saved me. Without these details, it would have been their word against mine. Thankfully it didn't come to that. I love the professionalism of the NCR/CAR process, packing slips for returning customer provided NC material, and so much more!"
    Tom Buerkle, Traxis Manufacturing, LLC
  • ProShop Increased Productivity For One Man Shop
    "A shop is never too small for an ERP. I'm using ProShop ERP as a one man shop and it's hard to imagine running a business without it. The right ERP doesn't need more people to make it work. The right ERP makes one person as productive as a whole team!"
    CJ Abraham, Precision Product Development
  • Organization of Data Availability Exceeds Expectations
    "Before ProShop, we spent a tremendous amount of time entering data from coolant soaked, grease covered quality logs that were barely legible. ProShop allows us to focus on the operation of our machine shop and servicing our customers. Gone are the days of broken, redudant tasks of spreadsheets and logs. All of our data is available anytime to anyone that needs it. The support from ProShop has been nothing less than phenomenal!"                    
    Steve Darnaby, Applied Processes

Nezkot Sees Major Gains in Throughput, Reduced Lead Times, and Leaner QMS with ProShop

Nezkot Precision Tooling & Engineering is a leading defense and aerospace contractor in Melbourne Australia. They provide high precision tooling and production machining for OEM and Tier 1 aerospace and defense contractors. 


30% More Jobs

Nezkot is now ablle to process 30% more jobs with the same staff than they were able to process before ProShop. The highly refined workflow alllows them to spend less time processing jobs and more time doing valueable work.

100% Paperless

ProShops QMS modules are completely integrated into the rest of the ERP and MES modules. Being 100% paperless, this combination offers Nezkot unprecedented insights and automatic reporting of all quality metrics.

Our results are driven by excellence!

We deeply appreciate our customers and the valuable feedback they provide.
  • ProShop is a very robust ERP system that is intuitive to use. The primary users of ProShop in our student-run business are high school students, and they pick up the basics very quickly. We've seen a dramatic increase in efficiency and less mistakes are being made. 
    Christopher Townsend
    Switched From: Excel
    Eagle Manufacturing Testimonial
  • With adding ProShop as our ERP system, it has made it to where I'm able to easily see what is going on in the shop and also plan for upcoming work. Before ProShop, we were late 20% of the time on orders due to over scheduling and materials that weren't arriving on time. Now, we're able to maintain 95% on-time delivery. This has helped us make more money and take on more work.
    Jason Baldonado
    Switched From: EstiTrac
    Trillium Testimonial
  • From the sales modules making our estimating and quoting process much faster, to the tracking of orders and jobs. My management team alone is saving 40+ hours weely, simply just having important information available at their finger tips. Knowing what jobs we're running when, our purchasing department has been able to buy smarter, resulting in COGS reduction of +10% through the first six months of implementation. These results completely exceeded our expectations.
    Mike Payne
    Switched From: Excel
  • Our experience with ProShop has been excellent so far. ProShop allows everyone in our shop to access the information they need when and where they need it. Customer Service can quickly update customers on the status of their orders, and operators can easily see information needed to complete their work. The ability to attach files, pictures, videos every area of ProShop that our previous ERP software was lacking. Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough about all the great things ProShop has to offer! 
    Nathan Van Deraa
    Switched From: JobBOSS

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