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Our webinars are designed to be a helpful aid for our clients using ProShop. With these webinars, we strive to not only continue the ProShop education of our clients, but also teach new skills and train your new employees who will be using ProShop.

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Using ProShop to Manage and Accelerate Lean
February 1st, 2022
9:00 AM PST
Join us for an inspirational session on how ProShop can be an effective tool to manage all the Lean activities in your shop.  From scheduling and managing Value Stream Mapping, to succeeding with 5S, Kaizen activities and more.  You'll learn about real-world examples, ProShop templates, and actionable advice to empower your team to embrace Lean and a continuous improvement mindset, drive efficiency, and profitability.

Topics include:
- Real-world examples
- ProShop templates
- Advice to empower your team and embrace lean
- Much more!
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