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our setup times for machines really

started to Trend down once we went live

and as a Job Shop we can have hundreds

of setups per week and saving even a few

minutes on each one really has a big

impact on the shop overall our setup

times have definitely decreased tooling

requirements special requirements

inspection requirements all of that is

figured in advance using photos of

setups written descriptions part check

info and sequence details we’ve been

able to preload as much as we can of the

job before it makes its way to the

machine the machinists have all the

information on hand they really don’t

have to go ask anybody for anything the

drawings are there any special documents

all live within the system once you go

into the job there’s no chance of making

a mistake everything is all on one page

that’s what’s really nice about it

having everything on the computers and

being able to pull it up and not have to

look at a greasy coolant spilled piece

of paper has definitely helped reduce

our setup time so so as far as setup

reduction because everything is stored

digitally and you’re not relying on

archived paper data we’ve seen a

reduction I would estimate probably 50%

on our setup times using the tools in

Pro Shop we’ve been able to reduce our

setup Times by over 50% our setup time

is probably been cut in half with Pro



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