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So we recently are working on getting certified and if we do not have pro shop, I would tell you that it would be something that it was unmanageable that we would not have been able to do with our old system. Pro Shop fortunately, incorporates a variety of features that greatly facilitate getting through the audit process for RS 9100.

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We recently went through our stage two RS 9100 audit. Something as simple as being able to search through our pro shop and find what you’re looking for instead of flipping through a binder to find that I don’t know how many dozens of hours we saved in preparation for our RS 9100 audit. We did have our first audit for RS 9100 and the auditor was extremely impressed.

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He only actually went out of the shop floor twice, which is pretty rare when we were working with our auditor for RS 9100. When there is a lot of different information that you need to provide and all of this information is available literally in seconds. In 2020, we decided it was time to diversify the company. We were already using pro shop.

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It was great because it’s not even 100. It’s pretty much built into the system. So we went after RS 9100 certification in September of 19. That’s when we made a decision to do it in October of 19. Pro Shop gave us the Gap analysis. In November of 2019. We had our stage one audit in December of 2019. We had our stage two audit and then we got certification for RS 9100 and February 20.

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So within a three or four month period, we pretty much implemented RS 9100 and got certified through pro shop.

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