ProShop Offers QMS Consulting to Clients

March 20, 2019

ProShop USA Provides Quality Management System Consulting Assistance To Users of Its ProShop Manufacturing Enterprise Software

To facilitate company compliance with quality management systems (QMS) organization and documentation requirements, ProShop USA, Inc., has started providing QMS consulting assistance to users of its ProShop manufacturing enterprise software. ProShop USA’s consulting assistance helps manufacturers take full advantage of the organizational, documentation, and access capabilities provided by ProShop software with special attention to a company’s specific operations and challenges.

QMS functions of ProShop software incorporate ISO 9001 standards as well as specialized standards based on it, including ISO 13485 for medical device manufacturing; ISO/IEC 27001 for information security; AS9100 for aerospace manufacturing; API Spec Q1, a company-level certification based on American Petroleum Institute (API) oil and gas equipment requirements; and CFR820, a current quality system regulation (QSR) enforced by the FDA for medical equipment.

Paul Van Metre, president of ProShop USA, said an integrated, digital approach to quality systems management is essential for effective quality improvement. “We’ve heard too many stories of companies hiring a QMS consultant that was more concerned with getting the client a certificate, and not focusing on the underlying business processes, and then also having an efficient system of managing the QMS. If the system is inefficient, then making changes, getting approvals, revising documents, and replacing outdated materials builds inertia that stifles change. The QMS function of ProShop software becomes a tool for driving quality improvement. That’s what ISO is all about – developing robust business processes that comply with the standard. Plus, providing an easy way to manage revisions and updates can considerably reduce the cost of compliance, and allow the QMS to be an effective driver of continuous improvement. Our clients were asking for a faster, less costly and more efficient way to become certified.”

To meet the demand, ProShop USA has hired three experienced QMS specialists including one who is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor.

ProShop software is a comprehensive web-based, paperless shop management system engineered to benefit small- to medium-sized manufacturing companies. The company often refers to it as a “Digital Ecosystem” as it comprises integrated modules for managing a shop’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) operations as well as MES (manufacturing execution system) and QMS functions.

The ProShop software QMS module digitally integrates quality standard compliance data and documentation from multiple quality management systems. Its capabilities enable users to streamline and expedite fulfillment of increasingly rigorous customer demands for quality systems reports, certifications and traceability.

ProShop software modules permit documentation of all elements of QMS including procedures, tasks, training and organization charts, and make the information immediately available for audits, updates and sharing within a facility. ProShop may be hosted in the cloud or on site, depending on the user’s preference.

For more information browse or call 360-515-7576.

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