When selecting the right solution for your unique business needs, we know that manufacturing software pricing and delivery are essential factors. Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform offers you the flexibility of on-site or cloud-based delivery and two separate cost structures. 

With all ProShop plans, you enjoy the convenience of paperless management and web-based access from any connected device. With both plans, you get 3 tiers of access including level A for shop users, level B for office and managment users, and level C for executives.

How Much Does ERP Software Cost?

ProShop enterprise resource planning software pricing is determined on a per-user basis and depends on the accessibility level needed by each user. We offer two ERP plans and pricing options — an upfront purchase option or an annual subscription model.
Outright Purchase Option
When you purchase the ProShop ERP upfront, you own it forever. We provide ongoing support and software updates throughout your first year of ownership. An affordable annual maintenance fee ensures continuous access to updates and unmatched customer support in the following years.

Subscription Pricing Option
Under our subscription model, you make a smaller upfront investment and pay per user annually with a minimum 12-month contract. The cost for seven to eight users starts at $650 per month. These fees include all maintenance, support, and updates. 

Our subscription model relies on cloud-based delivery with benefits like:

Full scalability: You can add users quickly as your business grows.

Quick access to the latest features: You'll have immediate access whenever we make improvements or add functionalities.

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Value-Added Features

With ProShop, you don't pay extra for quality management software, third-party reporting or database licenses. We include it all in our pricing.

ProShop integrates with QuickBooks and Sage without additional fees or add-ons, simplifying your accounting for more time and money savings.

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There's a reason our customers speak so highly of us — we deliver robust functionalities that improve their bottom lines for a fair price. We invite you to schedule a demo to explore ProShop and everything it can do for you or request your personalized quote to get started.

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