ProShop is a comprehensive ERP/MES and QMS software suite built for the medical industry

ProShop is fanatical about managing every detail of your shop in a paperless and web-based environment, including the enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions necessary to run your office, the quality management system (QMS) functions to manage your AS9100 system, and the manufacturing execution (MES) functions to ensure your shop floor is running at peak efficiency. We can help you maintain better traceability and auditability through the integrated quality system.

Features and Capabilities of Our ERP Software for Medical Device Manufacturers

From the first quote to the final invoice, we've designed our comprehensive suite of features to meet the medical device manufacturing industry's demands. With our all-in-one medical device ERP software, you can:
  • Use templates to create quotes.
  • Quickly generate inspection reports.
  • Manage tools, systems, and entire inventories.
  • Serialize and track parts.
  • Create detailed process flows.
  • Schedule jobs live to adapt to production efficiencies.
  • Receive instant dashboard alerts.
  • Manage shop floor operations paperlessly.
  • Capture and update job data as team members complete tasks.
  • Prepare document packages.
  • Create non-conformance reports with the click of a button.

The Value of Adopting an All-In-One Medical Device Manufacturing ERP Software

Our industry experts at ProShop ERP have designed one of the highest-rated ERP solutions to meet the medical device industry's unique challenges, including managing and tracking orders, production, invoices, and shipments. ProShop ERP is your complete solution for greater efficiency and productivity.

Learn more about the advantages of the best ERP solutions for the medical device manufacturing industry:
  • Greater efficiency: Consolidate all your day-to-day operations, including resource planning, project management, and inventory tracking — in an efficient and easy-to-use medical device ERP software.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Universal business management systems and communication methods allow team members to communicate more effectively and make better-informed decisions during production. 
  • Improved scalability: Better traceability and collaborative, streamlined office efficiencies make transitioning and adapting to a bigger team and a more significant workload seamless.
  • Hassle-free auditing: ProShop ERP makes compliance easy with advanced quality management modules and guidance from our trained, ASQ-certified quality consultants. We help you prepare accurate compliance paperwork in minutes with our easy-to-follow templates.
  • Reduced liability: Accurate, real-time data reports and effortless paperwork preparation result in a convenient, hassle-free auditing experience and reduced liability.


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Lane 4 Case Study
Lane4 Precision started out as a one-man shop. With the help of ProShop, Lane4 was able to easily onboard new employees, start their journey to being ISO 13485 certified, and win more customers.

Dan Fifer from Lane4 Precision expects excellence in anything he’s associated with. He buys high-quality equipment, makes perfect parts, builds excellent business processes, and wants his software systems to be excellent as well. He also hates looking for things that should be easy to find. More about that later…

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When you want to find past invoices, purchase orders, or other records quickly, forego the frustration of searching through disorganized computer files and office filing systems. Instead, save yourself time and go paperless. Seamlessly enhance team collaboration, track and locate inventory, estimate job costs, organize paperwork, and streamline company compliance through one central, user-friendly interface. We'll help you scale your business with our tailored medical device ERP solution.

Your ERP software is the backbone of your business. Scale your company with adaptable software built for growth. Contact our team at ProShop ERP today to request your free demo of our ERP for medical device manufacturers.

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