ProShop is comprehensive ERP/MES & QMS Space Manufacturing Software suite built for the space industry

ProShop was built in an ITAR registered manufacturing company and has many features that are essential for aerospace manufacturers in the DIB (Defense Industrial Base) including the ability to lock out access to specific ITAR records. Along with being able to be hosted on AWS GovCloud, ProShop is ready with CMMC compliant features that will help being compliant much easier than legacy ERP systems. Read more about what we’re doing with our Enterprise Resource Planning, CMMC and Cybersecurity software Here.


Complete QMS System

CMMC Certification

Real-time Scheduling

Visual Work Instructions

Order Management

AS9102 FAI Reporting

GovCloud Hosting

In-Process Inspection

Cert Management

Integrated Training

Live Job Costing

Cutting Tool Management

Connects Every Level of Your Shop

ITAR Functionality


Before ProShop, G-Zero they had difficulties maintaining a good schedule that would be accurate so that they could forecast their workload, and be positive on when they would get their items to customers. This prompted them to find a new ERP solution. They describe the Implementation process with ProShop as “very quick”. They love the real-time information and digital work instructions. Hear David Hannah, President, talk about how ProShop has improved their operations.
3D Industries is in the Aerospace industry as well as the Medical Industry. They heard about ProShop they were reluctant to get excited at first. They started digging, and decided ProShop was for them. They say that “pretty much every aspect of our business has improved since ProShop”. Hear Mattew Rodde, COO, and Matt Gawlik, President talk about how ProShop has changed their company.

Check out the full interview with 3D industries!


G-Zero stumbled upon ProShop at an aerospace conference in 2018 and decided to sign up. They have seen improvements in Quality as they haven’t a single rejection from a customer in 6 months. Another area they improved in was their profitability because setups took less time, jobs were moving through faster, and quality issues were avoided. Because they had a more rapid process in the office and in engineering, G-Zero is getting jobs out to the shop floor faster than they used to.
In just a few short months, Nezkot switched from a home made Excel based job management system to ProShop’s web based shop management suite, became the first company in Australia to become AS9100 Rev D certified, and streamlined their company operations! It was much easier than they predicted.

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