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– The question, how do you scale, quickly, intelligently, profitably? The answer, ProShop. ProShop is the game changing manufacturing ERP system forged from our own years of machining and manufacturing experience. It allows you to achieve growth because it is designed for growth. From quotation to shipping, it’s flexible, fast and easily implemented and used by everyone on your team. For those who demand something better and purpose-built for machine shops, we give you ProShop. The first one to get to quoted often gets to work. Our fast and flexible templates mean you can turn around accurate quotes quickly to win more jobs with better profit margins. When you win the order, ProShop lets you send work orders to the shop floor in seconds. Get rid of travelers and paper set-up sheets with ProShops paperless workflow. ProShop lets you manage everything about your jobs and your company. And we mean everything: set-up sheets, cutting tools, work holding, G-code, drawings and more. Quality is totally integrated in ProShop from inspection and nonconformance tracking of your jobs to a complete suite of quality management modules that document all your businesses processes and training for easy compliance and painless auditing. You can even manage all your preventative maintenance and calibration seamlessly and paperlessly. Live scheduling allows you to automatically schedule jobs according to your parameters, that dynamically updates based on the productivity of your shop floor workers and provides you with control to modify your plan on the fly to adapt to changes. You can even combine jobs together intelligently for maximum efficiency. Proactive alerts and dashboards provide easy instructions to staff to stay on top of life work cues. Along the way, ProShop provides a real-time job costing data, so that you know exactly what a job costs even before it ships. Most importantly ProShop is used easily and quickly by your entire team. Everyone provides input and expertise so every voice is heard. Tribal knowledge gets captured and shared everyday on every job. Speed up your process for continuous improvement to yield rapid, real-time results, elevate team participation and your bottom line. If you need more assurance, consider that we’re proud to be the highest rated manufacturing software available. Get rid of clunky ERP’s built by accountants and separate manual systems that don’t talk with each other. When you’re ready to upgrade and build your systems to scale your company easily, quickly and with the highest degree of accountability, you’re ready for ProShop. Book a demo today.

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