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pro shops helped us attract new

employees because they could see

how organized we are and how easy it is

to actually perform their job to make

their life easier

pro shops made my job easier by being


i enjoy the organization of it that was

actually one of the large reasons i

decided to work for east branch


was their usage of proshop and just the

way you can organize

with the system we want to equip our

people with what we believe are the best

tools to do their job i don’t want

anyone coming into work here

and wondering if some of our competitors

have an easier time of it because they

have better equipment

and i’m confident that we are providing

resources that are among the best

that are available for what we’re trying

to accomplish

i do feel like that people feel like

they can work a little bit more


and not always have to go get a guy to

hold their hand or help them out every


and they can kind of figure it out with

pro shop we’ve had

three employees in the past year that

we’ve brought on

and that was really one of the things

that attracted them so it was really a

game changer for employing people

one of the biggest improvements we’ve

had in pro shop is employee retention

being able to retain our key employees

we feel that we have a competitive

advantage over other shops

the main thing is everyone’s on the same

page they’re really happy and happy

employee makes a big difference when

your team’s happy you’re happy

it makes me better at my job just having

it available

100 2 thumbs up it’s fantastic


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