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ProShop QMS Integrated with ERP

– [Narrator] Occasionally, a product comes along and transforms a way things were done before. When you see it, it’s so obvious, robust, simple, elegant, like wheels on luggage. Why didn’t luggage always have wheels? It’s so obvious now. We think QMS Integrated with ERP is the same way. That’s what we thought nearly 20 years ago when we ran our shop. We didn’t want paper or PDF documents in a filing cabinet or separate QMS systems that didn’t talk with our ERP, so we built ProShop. In doing so, we asked this question: “What if the whole reason for your QMS was to make your company better, that compliance and auditing were an afterthought? What if everything was seamlessly connected from procedures to training to non-conformance reports, and was all connected back to your ERP system in real time?” Business is demanding in the 21st century. Customers demand perfect quality, flawless paperwork, and all the certifications to prove it. The amount of work it takes to maintain all of that in a traditional QMS is crushing. You spend hours per day preparing document packages, nights and weekends working on cleaning up your QMS to get prepared for an audit. ProShop turns that idea on its head. Paperwork is prepared in seconds. You are always audit-ready. By integrating all the QMS functions paperlessly and seamlessly with the ERP modules, there is never a need to manually update data because you have silos of information. ProShop handles everything from the little details, like monitoring your in-process inspection and tracking calibration, to the highest level of your company where it manages your quality processes, employee training and/or chart. And because it’s web-based, it’s easy to access from any device, freeing you up from the need to have installed software to manage it all, and you can do it from anywhere, whether you use our cloud service or have your system on premise. All the forms you need are built-in and available right from the ERP modules. Have an RMA that needs to be issued? Straight from a work order, select the RMA option, and everything is instantly filled in and connected. Employees will receive instant notification, and seamless workflows will guide you through the non-conformance and corrective action process. Everyone is up-to-date. All the information is connected. It’s never been this easy to drive continuous improvement in your organization and be ready to show an auditor the proof at any time. If your goal is to become certified or improve your existing QMS, we offer fully compliant templates tailored to the aerospace, medical, and commercial markets to get certified in half the time and cost of other systems. And our team of ASQ-certified quality consultants can help your company get certification-ready. And if you need more assurance, consider that we’re the highest-rated manufacturing QMS on the market. When you’re ready to upgrade and build your system to scale your company easily, quickly, and with the highest rate of accountability, you’re ready for ProShop. Book a demo today.

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