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November 8, 2019

ProShop recently had an article that was published on the blog "ERP Focus". The featured blog post focused on the 8 benefits of a digital manufacturing ecosystem. The blog explains how the most common systems employed in manufacturing are:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP): software focused on integrating diverse computer systems to centralize information.
  • Manufacturing execution system (MES): ensures execution of operations by tracking production through its life cycle.
  • Quality management system (QMS): controls the output to meet regulatory and customer requirements.
  • Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS): Database of maintenance and calibration operations within a business.
  • Tool crib management system: Controls stock, tool availability, condition and life cycle.
  • Learning management system (LMS): Software containing education resources, tracking, documentation, and delivery of training materials.
  • Business intelligence (BI): Technologies and applications gathering data for documentation, analysis, and presentation for decision-making.

Every manufacturing company needs systems to fulfill these functions, and a digital manufacturing ecosystem is the all-in-one solution.

The 8 benefits of a digital manufacturing ecosystem are:

  1. Simplifies and improves compliance
  2. Reduces machine downtime
  3. Makes producing quotes easier
  4. Reduces scrap parts and improves quality control
  5. Increases output while lowering manufacturing costs
  6. Optimizes tooling availability, performance, and lifespan
  7. Saves time transitioning between tasks
  8. Organizes communication and boosts productivity

To read the full article and get more details about each benefit, head over to the ERP focus blog here:

About ERP Focus: ERP Focus provides knowledge and evaluation resources to ERP software professionals. Whether you're already using ERP or considering your first implementation, our aim is to give you free access to the latest knowledge, research and tools needed to navigate the ERP market.

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