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– I’m a machinist at Dynamic Balance. I operate mostly on lates. I’m like the lay of guy case basically. It’s been over two years now. Going on two years, actually. No, they weren’t using ProShop yet. I worked here for probably about six months to a year before we got ProShop. Since using ProShop it’s made our job a lot easier before it, we would not really know we would have prints scattered kind of all over the shop and everything, and it was kind of just like, here you do this job and now with ProShop, it’s like, here’s the work order, and I can pull up all the information that I need all in one place. ProShop has made setups a lot easier especially on parts that we’ve ran before because I can put notes in there of how I did it before and all it takes is me pulling that part up and seeing exactly what I need to do and so it makes setups incredibly easier. I haven’t used the photo feature yet, no. I have used where we can put inspection reports on there and everything so I can see what the parts looking like especially if somebody else is inspecting it I can give it to them and then I can while I’m still out there, I can pull it up and see exactly what the parts looking like and everything. The setup times have probably changed. I’d say at least 50%, just because it’s just so much easier. Everything that I need is all right there especially like tooling, I can just write all sorts of notes that just say exactly what tools I need so, I’m not out there searching for tools in the shop, or trying to figure out what I need it’s all just right there all described and everything in there. I use the checklist, I go through the whole thing. I do programming too so I have a lot of levels that I check off on that checklist and it makes it super smooth. Makes me see exactly where I am in the process. We’ve used the ERP before, I worked at a bigger shop, they had a different one. The ERP was pretty user-friendly that they had they had a lot of barcodes that they used on theirs and so if we had like a traveler or something we could just scan the barcode and it would go right into right where we needed to be and that was the first time I ever used one and the learning curve is always hard on new systems like that but once I kinda got used to the ERP it was really easy to come into ProShop ’cause I already kind of knew everything’s on the computer and that’s all you need to know is just all right there. It makes it so we don’t have to have prints scattered all over the place. We can have a link that goes straight to the print so everything’s just right on the computer and I’m not searching for things, searching for notes, searching for just little, just little tricks or something that I found. That’s the biggest thing that I like ’cause I use the notes a lot on there and just because setting up a machine, there’s always little things here and there, that you don’t always foresee happening and so if I can put that in there then I already know what’s coming up and it just, it makes the quality of the part better right off the bat. We have a customer that we have a lot of repeat parts and they’re very critical parts and it’s really beneficial because I know exactly what that customer is looking for in the part and I’ll know, I remember I wrote down a note they want it exactly like this I didn’t quite like this little bar or something, and like this is how you get rid of that and that kind of a thing and so it really helps me like first part yield absolutely. We used to lose a lot of like our travelers mainly just because we didn’t have a system for keeping them organized and so we’d set it down on a desk somewhere and machine shops get pretty cluttered sometimes and it just gets buried and we’re looking around the entire shop trying to find where that went, and now it’s right on the computer. I don’t spend nearly as much time looking for stuff because I can just type in the work order and if I lost what work order I was on it’s all on the computer or I’m already logged into it and so I can see what I was logged into and then be able to pull up the print if I lost it or something and get right back on where I was right back on track so, I spend a lot less time. I don’t know exactly how much, but I’d say probably at least 50% less time looking for things. I was a little nervous going paperless, I was just so used to it from other shops that I’ve worked at and learning a whole new software is a little intimidating but we had a good trainer come in and help us out and really kind of just eased our minds and just made the transition so seamless, It was really easy. I do love using ProShop, I do. It’s great. It’s made my job a lot easier. It really has being a setup machinist, it’s just made my job just so much more just flawless as far as finding what I need and just knowing what’s next and what I need to do, I guess.

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