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– Hey everybody, this is Paul with ProShop. In this video, I wanna talk about a very important topic and that is the topic of File Management Revision Control. The types of shops we work with, especially those in regulated industries like medical or aerospace, they need to keep very tight controls on their documents. And ProShop was built in that environment so it natively does that very well. Let’s show you how we handle that in a couple of examples here. So here we are in a part record, and you’ll see right here on my screen this link that says, “Part folder”. This folder that if I click this link, it will open a file browser window, cause my computer has access to view these files and it’s a folder that ProShop made. So let’s try it. So I’m gonna click here, let me grab it from my other screen. And you can see this list of folders. These folders were made in a sub folder for the particular customer premiere aerospace. And this is for this particular part number. And inside of here, we have several different types of folders, including for example, the one approved prints. This folder is where this PDF file resides which is the approved drawing that we will see when we click on this link right here. So if we click on that, we pull up this drawing. This is that file that we see and ProShop put it there. When it went through the approval process, it got approved by one of our employees pro shop renamed, it stuck it in this folder, linked it to the browser in the part record and the work order in any other place you see that revision field. That will be a hyperlink back to look at that document in the browser. If we roll the revision of this document, in the future like a customer orders a new revision or we just roll it internally, whether it’s driven off a customer PO, or of the part record, Pro Shop you’ll see this folder archive, Pro Shop we’ll take the existing file, archive it, put it in the archive folder, with an archive time date stamp, and give me a spot to put the new revision drawing. So that’s just one of the ways that we manage drawings and attachments in pro shop. And you don’t need to worry about where it’s gonna be residing when you attach it in. Pro shop we’ll move it, whether it’s off your desktop, or off of some other network drive, it we’ll put it into the special folders that Pro Shop is managing. If we come up one level here, you can see all these other folders. This is where I can put things like the customer files that my customer originally sent us, in a state near where we’re not gonna mess with it. I can have a folder here for G code for our CAD and cam data. So here might be our master cam programs. So all these folders, again, Pro Shop created and these files are safe in these locations. I can always even double click if I’m just browsing my file network, I can also just click this link and it will open up right in the browser. So that’s one type of file storage, let’s look at another. Here, I have a Vendor Purchase Order. And on this purchase order, we attached some material certs. When we did the scanning process of those certs. Pro Shop put them into a temporary holding folder, and then when we attach them into Pro Shop, Pro Shop moved this cert. If I click on it, there’s the cert, it moved that into a very specific folder where certs are managed and stored. And this will stay linked permanently from this directory location to the jobs maintaining traceability and all those things. So just a couple of examples of how we handle file management, and how it really makes the backend of file management much more simple. So you don’t really have to worry about linking something to your system and then realizing later the link is broken, someone moved it by accident, that just really doesn’t happen in Pro Shop. So hopefully that was interesting. If this is something you’d like to learn more about, please give us a shout.

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