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Frey & Weiss Precision Machining Testimonial

– My name is Linda Rosenberg, and I’m the director of operations here at Frey Weiss. And I had a card that was a mailer it went around master cam and your software came up and we had an angry customer for we lost their order and the problem was using job travels. Our current software was not working for operations, we were running job travels and one of the parts, one of the harder parts is keeping up who have the job travels, okay? And one day customer’s order was late and the programmer that had the job folder and purchasing didn’t even buy the material. And I was on the receiving end of their phone call and I knew there’s gotta be a better way. Just because when the customer got upset I knew that we had too many jobs to keep tracked of and the job folders were not helping our operations because everybody needed their folder and we fail to meet our customer delivery. And had a long checklist of things that were wrong that I knew that we needed to do. And I went to the IMTS show in with this long checklist of things that operation needed to have, what we needed to go into next generation. And they checked my box and then we tried them, and now they’re in our business. Frey Weiss is entering our 51 year of business and if you won’t go on our shop floor we have a lot of travel knowledge. And that was the biggest thing that how they get those filing cabinets into a software that we can share that everybody’s has the information. One of the challenges that I have was to see what, how was it supposed to gonna be, what the tooling was and would he always have to go into the filing cabinet and look for this information, right? And that was one of the biggest thing is to get information into the computer that we all could share. The software has so much can hold so much information like pictures and videos and it’s so beneficial to us to remember how we change things or how we hold things or because we do go through thousands of parts and so ours is to always remember everything. And that was the biggest thing that it offered that everybody could share it, share with us and in the messaging between everybody without going outside using, you know, Microsoft Outlook, he had a very positive did we need have to go outside the system to use because then everybody’s access to Excel and the other work documents that we were using and so we lost information. So anywhere to keep this knowledge into the computer for the future was something that, I saw that we needed because in our business repeat business is probably 75% and they get that data in and then we could do the next work order faster, that was, that’s what I saw in a ProShop. Okay, one of the founders trained us, Paul, I think Paul was one of our trainers and Kelsey was one of our trainers. I found the training very helpful, this is the first time, we’ve used software for over 20 years. Don’t know the owner or the founder of that software like we do the software. Customer service from ProShop is amazing. Our old software was always our problem, our fault or we needed pay more money and it wasn’t a relationship. This is a truly moving with ProShop was truly a relationship. I mean, I get always the answers or beliefs they understand what you’re going through and work with you it’s not always your fault, that’s how we felt with our old software. Well, we definitely use Excel spreadsheet work documents, we stored it on our server for where we all be able to SharePoint was an example of sharing files but that was, that’s the two main locations that’s, you know needs all being one place and ProShop is the place to put all that information and we have, we started the software almost two years ago and we started, we didn’t do everything in all one time. Now it’s two years later, we’re estimating purchasing quality system is in place, we’re putting work instructions in, is repeat jobs are coming up, and so moving forward, moving forward should have all the information done when another year putting it done. We did eliminate overhead staff, our cost of doing business staff from the front office overhead sounds like a negative term but we did because of all the job travels that we had to make. And if there’s changes that we made updates and finding on the floor and hunting it down that was probably, personally have, hours a week. And over October, we pass a second audit of the ES 700. And we wouldn’t be able to do that without having ProShop as our software throughout the day. And I usually look at their home, at home because it’s like it’s not, I’m not thinking, just telling me information. I’m not thinking when it’s like doing a process, you have to think make sure you got the right spec and stuff. But looking at that kind of data is very easy to do from home. And you know, when I’m, looking what I’m gonna be prepared for the next day so. But the metrics, the, yes, everybody here at Frey Weiss knows Frey Weiss quality objectives, it’s at everybody’s fingertips. You know that we need to on time, if an employee wants to go over on time two buttons they’re there, they could see it by client, by month, never had the ease before. The second thing is our quality, I mean NCRS, what’s happening they can just, these are our objectives and everybody is able to look at it and that’s what the power of the software brings us, okay. So looking for targets, seeing the metrics is very easy to do and then you can dig deeper if you need more information. Now for executive level, if its even more powerful because you have everythings your sales are in one spot, and you can look at what you’re selling your direct labor hours, your the profitability, yes. Personally if the last year we were really estimating and we were losing money and now we do couldn’t understand why. Now we’re moving forward and Susan doing a great job of us to meeting and we can see where our profits are coming where we gonna make a profit and moving forward it’s so much easier its good touch on that because she’s really the I look at the targets that hit the floor but I also look at the targets if we making money but I’m more into targets targets off the shaft floor, meeting our target rate, okay? Using the software for, with that is the easiest thing I ever saw. I mean, yes you have to make NCR to get this information but now we can definitely take a look it’s easier to get all the data for on the NCR of the scraps and such, customers will try to do everything, you know. We have met with the bank and they’re very impressed of what we’re doing here at Frey Weiss how we’re moving everything into digital world and moving this company forward. We have, well we will do more of this in our marketing plan one week for 2020. We wanted to make sure that our number one customer came in a couple weeks ago and we wanted to show them all the new things we’ve done here at Frey Weiss. And one of the things that we’ve done here in Frey Weiss is to show their product here, how we machine it, how we have recording, how we host the program. They seem to be very impressed and what we could choose to be our goal is to have a 95% or higher on time delivery. And we’re showing them that we’re trying to hit that target and ProShop is the tool for us to help us go there. It’s easier to do my job, I can work from anywhere practically and that is probably the biggest bonus that I experience is working in operations now, you know, through emails but this is either when I’m home or anywhere I am in touch with the office, the operations and I can see what they’re doing without even being here. So, for me, that is the most benefit that I received in my operation department that I know what everybody’s doing on the floor, okay, without being here. So, I mean, that’s an hand off, I mean, I’m sorry. I mean, for me that’s an hand off this you know what someone’s doing, what machine and how many parts they made without being here. Well, but I’ll see in their labor card because we did every labor, we did data collection by hand the guys would fill out the card, the next day we type it in I will look at it at the parts qualities, and now I know 10 o’clock at night that they made nine pieces that day or whatever the quantity it was, and that’s awesome, that’s awesome. The power of that information just knowing gives is, I have never experienced anything like that. I mean I have it, it so, people, you know, I mean, you can work you know, in QuickBooks at home and stuff and do financial things, but to really receive what’s on the floor without having the camera, it’s priceless. It’s like I say, you know, it’s really, it’s knowing what’s happening on the floor and what we’re making without being here is priceless I can’t explain anything better than that. So we’re really looking at our costs and we’re trying to keep save business by giving our customers a good price. My name is Linda, and we’re powered by ProShop. My name is Linda, Frey Weiss is powered by pro shop.

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