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Machinists Talk About ProShop & Setups

– One of the biggest things that I’ve noticed with ProShop is it made it so much easier for setups and holds your setup coordinates, how you need to set up a machine, all the tools that you need, and then everything’s right there for you. It’s very helpful for Setup Machinists.

– ProShop enables me to do many things in a lot less time, especially when I need to search out a discrepancy with a work order. I can see all of the history right in one area.

– In the course of the day, a lot of times, you’re jumping around from different jobs. And it’s nice to be able to go in and see exactly where you’ve logged into and what you haven’t. And most of this stuff is all on one page. That’s what’s really nice about it. You don’t have to go looking for something and spend forever trying to find it.

– Sometimes we have some very confusing jobs that we have to set up. So when you have a picture, and it actually shows you and describes like, okay, we need to pick up this certain area of the part right here and then move over a certain amount. You have the picture right there and explains it so much better.

– So I have to deal with a lot of people on shop floor, and we’re able to pull a lot of information on ProShop toward they can work more independently. So we have very expensive machinery that if a guy wants to know how to fix something up in the CMM, he can go look at a picture and be very confident that he’s doing it the correct way.

– It helps out a lot, especially at night shift coz like from night to day. We’re coming in in the night shift, and they’re pretty much heading out. So whatever like notes or whatever they do, they usually just leave it on the ProShop on the page. And then we know where to go from there.

– The feasibility on the first article inspections of having something near the edge of tolerance out of tolerance for inspector just going into the yellow or red. It’s really helped our Inspector Machinists. Make sure that our parts don’t go out of tolerance.

– I do feel like that people feel like they can work a little bit more independently and not always have to go get a guy that, you know, hold their hand or help them out every time. They can kind of figure it out with ProShop.

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