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the thing I love most about Pro Shop is

when we have an audit because it makes

it so much easier and almost every

auditor we’ve had has been blown away

it’s all in one spot you’re not looking

through file cabinets for anything

you’re not looking through other systems

it’s literally pointand click and they

have everything they want right there A

lot of times you know with the way that

used to be done you know people would

always have to run off to go get some

information here let me go see if I can

find that for you where here everything

is just instantly available so we

recently were recertified in ISO 901

traditionally before an audit we would

spend weeks preparing documentation with

prosop we didn’t prepare at all they

walked into a live system with live data

and we were able to answer the audit

questions without any issues so when we

have customer quality audits come by and

they see what Pro Shop is capable of not

only are they impressed but it puts us

in a differently compared to their other

vendors so part of what we do when they

come for audits or just visits is use

Pro Shop to prove to them how we’re

ready to handle whatever differentiates

them from their competitors and

everybody loves it this year we had a

virtual audit and so it was super easy

considering it was a virtual audit we

just shared our screen with prosop and

click click click they were away

we pass our ISO audits flying colors

every time and it’s because we have a

system that can handle everything that

we need to get done a lot of customers

say wow we should be using something

like this and most of them are blown

away that we can visually see what we

need to do at any given time we did a

quality audit with probably our third

largest account and they were just blown

away they were like wow this is better

than our system Auditors absolutely Lov

Pro Shop they commented that it was the

most audit friendly system they had ever

seen one of the toughest customers that

we do work for said that our system was

sexy which we thought was one of the

best compliments you could get we were

getting audit and he looked at our

software and he says man your software

is ballsy I said yes it is I call it

powerful you know powered by Pro Shop

yeah well it’s a powerful Pro



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