You may remember me from the PNAA conference a year and a half ago and you will certainly remember my QMA manager, Anne. At that conference, I stopped at your booth and got a presentation on your software. I was interested, but we were operating the Shoptech system at the time and were completely comfortable with it. You interested me in the additional capabilities and controls that Proshop offers. After extensive research, we made the huge decision to leave the safety of our known software package in order to migrate to Proshop. This was in March of 2020. Today, March 26th 2021, we are just completing our final inspection audit in order to get certified AS9100. The inspector just validated our software decision by his multiple positive comments over the way that the modules interact and track everything from soup to nuts. Yes, we are still learning the software and its capabilities, but our shop staff has fully embraced this software as a powerful tool in moving our company forward and the auditor’s comments solidified that belief. It made it much easier to achieve certification.

I just wanted to say that, although it was a huge decision for us to change software, I am very pleased that the software was exactly as advertised and does so much for us. Thanks for producing and continuing to support such a great product!

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