Sealth Aero Marine
August 16, 2021

Sealth Aero Marine Case Study

Sealth Aero Marine converted to Proshop from a traditional accounting based ERP system and have seen many benefits since. Sealth was able to increase planning throughput, reduce late work orders, improve visibility of performance, and increase sales all by using ProShop.

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About Sealth Aero Marine

Sealth Aero Marine (SAM), located in Mill Creek, WA is an aerospace OEM who designs and manufactures latches and other precision machined hardware for the commercial, military and VIP jet market. They converted from a traditional accounting based ERP system to ProShop and have seen many benefits in combining all their company and quality operations into a comprehensive ERP/MES and QMS system.


General Manager, Rich Olson explains how SAM benefits from ProShop in multiple ways. “Working with the guys at ProShop was a huge development for our company. First and foremost, it instantly revealed many examples of waste in our production process,” he explains. “For example, we were spending a huge amount of time not knowing where our jobs were at, expediting jobs, pulling off partials to make deliveries and spending way too much time in our planning process. With ProShop we reduced our list of late orders by 90% and increased our planning throughput by 400%. This allows us to have a much better on-time delivery performance for our customers. We also freed up people from expediting roles that were redirected to more value added work – another significant cost savings.”

“I can’t describe enough of what it is like to literally see everything from a single desktop. It’s a brilliant, brilliant software!” says Rich. SAM was able to eliminate their daily production meetings as their list of late orders was slashed to nearly zero. All employees could see everything they needed to make smart decisions to get jobs done on-time for their clients. “We have better visibility of performance of all the jobs on our machines which allows us to streamline production rates and boost throughput with the same staff. By focusing on production efficiency we can get jobs through the machines and assembly stations faster. We’ve documented all of our work instructions in ProShop which eliminates paper job travelers, so we get faster setups with people who don’t need to be as skilled. This helps in a tight labor market. We also use ProShop’s In-Process QC module to check our parts while they’re being made. This allows us to catch quality problems faster which reduces scrap and rework, helping save costs and stay on-time with deliveries.”

“We get audited quite often. Whether it’s for AS9100, Boeing, the FAA, Gulfstream or others, and the one thing they always all say is that they’ve never seen a more complete robust software in any of the other companies they audit.” says Rich proudly. Having such a smooth running and digital QMS system is a big selling point with clients. It provides a high level of confidence when they see how organized everything is, and you can provide any quality metric or data in seconds. What have been the results? “Since implementing ProShop, our annual sales have increased 125% while our workforce has only increased by 15%.” Says Rich. “Therefore, in six years, we’ve more than doubled our sales with essentially the same number of employees. We couldn’t have done that without ProShop. I believe we’d need about 30% more people today if we were still using our old system. ProShop is backbone of our organization. Without it days would be long!”

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