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Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have unique needs for their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. ProShop delivers a powerful, all-in-one ERP for midsize companies and small businesses to help them better manage costs, people, time and equipment across organizational levels. 

ERP Solutions for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

As an owner or manager of an SMB, you wear many hats and change them regularly. That flexibility means you need manufacturing software for your small business or medium-sized company that's equally versatile. You'll get it with ProShop. 

Our ERP systems for small manufacturing companies and midsize businesses give you the tools you need for more effective and efficient day-to-day management. You'll access over 30 modules designed for streamlining workflows, capturing real-time data, and delivering unparalleled visibility from a single program.

HR Tools

Our ERP solutions for medium-sized businesses and small manufacturing companies include modules for making HR administration easier. 

Record time on our platform and assign it to specific tasks. This information means you have up-to-date job costing and vital employee information at your fingertips. Users have limited access to review or change data, so confidential information stays that way.

You can also track employee performance and training through objective metrics for better personnel reviews, job assignments, and career path progressions.

Sales Process Solutions

Eliminate gaps and improve workflows with powerful modules for estimating, quoting, and accepting jobs. ProShop ERP for small manufacturing companies and midsize businesses supports a one-click-per-task interface for the process. Build out your estimate and create an email quote with a single press. If accepted, an additional click turns the quote into a work order. This streamlining allows you to bid on — and get — more jobs faster.

Manufacturing-Specific Solutions

Our users regularly rank us as the best ERP software for midsize businesses and small companies. That's primarily because of the functionalities we include specifically for manufacturing organizations. Take advantage of modules like Parts, Inventory, and Purchasing that help you control supply chain expenses while ensuring vital raw materials stay available. ProShop also includes features that integrate your quality management efforts. Procedures, Quality Manual, and Standards help you achieve, document, and maintain certifications.

Accounting Integrations

A robust ERP for small business manufacturing needs to simplify accounting, too. ProShop integrates with popular programs like QuickBooks and Sage to facilitate recordkeeping and accounting functions.

Explore ProShop With a Free Demo and Overview Webinar

ProShop began as a proprietary software solution for our machining shop. Over 20 years of floor experience led to a web-based, paperless ERP for manufacturing, developed by pros with first-hand knowledge of SMB challenges. Find out why we're the best ERP for medium businesses and small manufacturing companies alike by requesting your free demo or watching an overview webinar today.


This Is Why Our Customers Love ProShop!

Shop owners love ProShop for its instant access to all data, seamless scheduling & paperless manufacturing system that combines ERP, QMS, MES, and CMMS into a single platform that everyone in the shop enjoys using.
Trillium Machine

Maintained over 95% on-time delivery since using ProShop and the return on investment paid for itself in less than a year.
Frey & Weiss

Had an 80% reduction in office labor: what used to take nearly 80 hours a week, with 2 full-time staff; is now just a part-time job for one person.
3D Industries

Had an overall improvement in the efficiency of 25%.“Pretty much every aspect of our business has improved since ProShop.”
East Branch

Was able to increase their throughput by 25% and on-time percentage from 70% to 100%. They now see ProShop as being the backbone of their company.
Stealth Aero Marine

Increased their planning throughput by 400%. Annual sales have increased by 125% while the workforce has increased only by 15%.

Has seen an increase in profitability due to setups taking less time, jobs were moving through faster, and quality issues were avoided.
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